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Dragon Quest Swords Chapter 5 subtitled The Tower contains the fifth level and associated plot of Dragon Quest Swords. It is the first chapter where the player is able to choose a companion from the 3 available party members.


Chapter 5 begins with the party confronting Minister Misericord who informs them that Queen Curtana has entered the Tower of Mirrors. Distraught by this news, Prince Anlace ponders how they might follow her and save her from any danger. Misericord reveals that the throne room contains a secret passageway which leads to the tower. He opens it for the party that they might follow and rescue the queen. Ascending to the top of the tower, the party must battle Grossmesser in order to reach the queen. Upon reaching her, the hero slices the Rorrim Mask off of her face into 2 pieces. As a result, the queen is freed from the hypnotizing effects the mask was having on her. However, by splitting the mask, the spirit of Xiphos the Deathbringer which was held inside is set free.

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German Kapitel Fünf ~ Der Turm ~
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