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Dragon Quest Swords Chapter 8 subtitled Deathbringer contains the 8th and final level and associated plot of Dragon Quest Swords. It also consists of the post-game bonus area, the Olde Reflectory.


Chapter 8 begins with the assault on the Deathbringer's Citadel by the heroes. They ascend the high castle and fight many strong enemies along the way. At the top of a long winding stairway, they fight a giant one-eyed statue. Upon its defeat, another stairway rises from the lava before them. Upon reaching the throne room, they witness Xiphos the Deathbringer taking over the body of Aruval. He then turns and attacks them claiming he is more powerful than ever before. After a short battle, the heroes are able to fell Xiphos, causing him to resort to his demon form.

In the depths of the citadel resembling the demon world, Xiphos attacks in his enormous demon form. The hero is able to quickly destroy his large shield, forcing Xiphos to rely on his great sword for attack and defense. After a long fight, Xiphos becomes enrage, destroying much of the stone platforms in the process. He resorts to using the Figure of Hate Master Stroke in an attempt to destroy the heroes. However, through perserverance, the heroes are able to destroy the Deathbringer's sword. Now left without any equipment, Xiphos quickly succumbs to the hero's blade and is defeated.

Quickly realizing their opportunity, the hero uses the Rorrim Mask to enclose Xiphos into a prison-like state. Xiphos quickly turns into stone is shattered by a single stroke of the hero's sword. Afterward, the citadel itself begins to shake apart. Aruva returns and is helped by the heroes to escape the collapsing castle. During the escape, Fleurette drops the Rorrim Mask. The hero attempts to retrieve it but cannot and it falls into the abyss.

Back at Castle Avalonia, there is a party celebrating the victory over Xiphos. The story ends with the hero making an appearance before the crowd and displaying his sword high above them.

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