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Dragon Quest, also known as Dragon Warrior prior to 2003, is a series of Japanese fantasy role-playing video games made by Square Enix, with character designs by Dragon Ball manga artist Akira Toriyama. The games typically follow a prophesied Hero on a quest to save the world from a powerful demon or Dragonlord; this is balanced with humour and comical-looking monsters for an overall lighthearted tone. There are recurring elements and monsters such as the Slime, Rockbomb, and Chimaera, but no direct continuity between games.

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The newest game in the Dragon Quest franchise is Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, released to worldwide audiences on 1 December 2023. Featuring Psaro, the demon prince, who is cursed by his father, Randolfo, current Master of Monsterkind, to prevent him from harming monsters. As a result, he must become a Monster Wrangler, recruiting, training, equip them with accessories, and fighting alongside monsters throughout the various environments of the fantastical world composed of Nadiria, Terrestria, and Zenithia.

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