Welcome to the Dragon Quest wiki! This is the community portal where you will find information about editing this wiki.

New to editing?

New to editing a wiki? Here are some places to learn the basics:

If you'd like to try some things out without worrying about messing something up, feel free to edit Dragon Quest Wiki:Sandbox.

Where to contribute

There are lots of places where content is needed. If you're not sure where to start, here are some helpful ideas.

Work on a particular game

Many users get involved by helping develop articles for a particular game in the series with which they are familiar. Try browsing the pages associated with various games you know and see if there are any particular areas where you can add or edit something that needs content.

Help with a project

There are several existing projects which need contributors. See them all at Dragon Quest Wiki:WikiProjects. Projects tend to be related to subjects which are non-specific to one game, such as ensuring that all pages follow the same formatting.

Upload images which are useful

Although most enemy sprite images already exist, there are many images which are needed. In particular maps of almost every area of every game! There are also many other images on the web of Dragon Quest related content that should be added. Note that all images should obey copyright laws.

Write a new article

Many articles are linked to but do not exist. See which pages are most wanted at Special:WantedPages. Creating a new article which is a stub is a good way to fill out sections of the wiki so that they can be populated with content later.

Expand a stub article

Many articles are incomplete and need expansion. See a list of stubs at Category:Stubs.

Making edits

When making edits, please ensure that you adhere to Dragon Quest Wiki:Manual of Style and any related guidelines. Use the preview button before submitting to view your updates. Leave an informative message in the summary box so that tracking changes to each article is easier in the event of a rollback.

Uploading content

Interested in uploading content? The basics are covered here:

Make sure that what you want to upload does not already exist. Also, make sure that any content does not violate copyright laws (see Dragon Quest Wiki:Copyrights).

Connecting with users

Feel free to leave messages on other users' talk pages, or visit the forum to discuss various subjects. The administrators always welcome any comment or messages on their talk pages.

Additional Info

For various other information about this wiki, see the Dragon Quest Wiki namespace.