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Always remember that this space wasn't created just to appeal to long-time fans; it's for everybody who is, or wants to be, one. Avoid patronizing other editors and warring due to disagreements. Use the talk page to sort things out first. If that doesn't work, ask an administrator for help.

Article 1: Rules of the Road

All users should follow four basic steps when considering how to contribute to the wiki. The goal is to create and nurture an environment of respect toward all contributors in all matters pertaining to the wiki and its content:

  1. Respect yourself by not thinking of a wiki as a 24/7 job. It isn’t. You are a volunteer as well as a fan. If you would be embarrassed by something you would do in real life, it is best to not do the same thing here. The time you give is valuable to us, but it should also be valued by you; take breaks as you need to and have fun while you’re here.
  2. Respect others around you by engaging with them in constructive ways. Things like edit warring, vandalism, spam, personal attacks, and the like are all Just. Plain. WRONG!! If you do spot a bad egg making a mess, please let us know and we will do our best to fix it.
  3. Respect the community. We have hundreds of regular editors from around the globe, all of whom may come from different backgrounds and cultures and just happen to share the same respect and admiration for the series — it’s why we are here. Deliberately copying content from another wiki/website without giving proper credit, or posting material that could be viewed as offensive, may result in a block or ban.
  4. Stay on target. If something doesn’t connect with Dragon Quest on a basic level, then it may be “out of scope” and doesn’t belong on the Wiki.

Article 2: Our Mission

As fans of Dragon Quest in one fashion or another, we believe that it is our duty and our delight to share our collective passion with our fellow players and fans of any skill level. As members of the broader Fandom community, we strive to provide all readers with a comprehensive and immersive experience in the many worlds of the franchise, from interactive games and art to manga and film adaptations, plus anything else that fits the mould.

Article 3: Getting Involved

The Dragon Quest Wiki is open to all readers on the Fandom network of game and hobby wikis. Anyone is welcome to contribute. We recommend that if you visit on a regular basis, please register with Fandom so that you can follow your work over time. To get started, click or tap any pencil and start writing. If you think you know something we don't, click or tap the "Add new page" option on the stacked menu at the top of any page. All contributions in good faith are appreciated and may be featured elsewhere on Fandom at any time. If you get stuck, you can ask another user or staff member for help. We will explain more about what the role of staff is in the following articles of this policy document.

Article 4: Things You Can Expect from Staff

The Dragon Quest Wiki is maintained by fans, for all fans. Our team of administrators is here to assist with any questions, issues, or suggestions visitors may have about the wiki or its content:

  1. Staff members are expected to display professional-level conduct in all matters pertaining to the wiki, its content, and interactions with visitors.
  2. We expect to treat users of any skill level with the dignity and grace due them.
  3. We expect that most contributions will be in good faith and thus remain unchallenged. We also expect some contributions may be edited heavily in order to maintain an acceptable level of quality throughout the wiki.
  4. We expect that we will respond timely to visitor feedback left in public fora or talk pages as we are able.
  5. We expect that we will hold ourselves accountable to the same standards of conduct as we expect from any visitor. We expect that we are not above our visitors and should not misuse the rights given us as staff members.

Article 5: Things Staff Can Expect from You

  1. Concern yourself only with Dragon Quest related stuff within this wiki.
  2. We expect all contributors to act in good faith and we'll try to assume that all will do so unless proved otherwise.
  3. Don't do immature contributions to the wiki, such as putting patently false information, flamboyantly different contributions or puns in your edits.
  4. Don't war-edit with other contributors.

Article 6: Violations and Enforcement

  1. Generally speaking, we are only concerned with bad faith edits and war-editing.
  2. Vandalism, defined as the deliberate editing of pages in a disruptive manner, such as blanking a page or inserting gibberish, will be immediately met with an indefinite ban, no questions asked. This is not restrained only to this definition and administrators will also use their judgement in what they consider vandalism.
  3. War editing is severely frowned upon. If related parties insist on this after being warned by an administrator, they'll be temporary blocked from editing for a day. Each subsequent offense related to the original incident will increase exponentially the ban to one week, then one month and finally one year.
  4. Immature contributions such as putting false information, will be met with one week ban from editing the wiki. If said conduct persists once again, the ban will increase to a month. If a third event is caused by the same user, the user will be banned a year.
  5. Inappropriate behavior not directly involved with the wiki, such as interactions with other contributors in their talk pages, will be decided by the administrators involved at their own judgement.