Dragon Quest Wiki
  • While abuses are not tolerated, bravery is rewarded. Remember, fortune favours the bold, which means that, if you feel that the policies and guidelines in this wiki should be ignored in order to improve the content of a page, just do it. As long as it's not an abuse, any improvement will be appreciated. Bear in mind, though, that such actions can also be easily reversed by anyone else without recourse since they go beyond what's covered in the guidelines, so try to do such actions only when you are convinced that it's an improvement that will be appreciated by most.
  • Do not steal text from other wikis or websites. Try to write with your own words what you read elsewhere.
  • Do not copy-paste material from other websites unless you appropriately quote it and reference it.
  • Avoid creating complicated templates, tables, layouts and so on. There may come a time when the new users can add something valuable to an article, but they will refrain from doing so if it can't be easily managed. Remember that future editors will not be familiarized with what present editors do.
  • Do not create rough drafts. It's okay to write a stub with some information, but it's not okay to simply put a layout leaving it unattended with no valuable info. It helps neither users nor editors, so avoid doing that.
  • Page notices that aren't specific to a section go on the top of the article. so that everyone can easily see when an article is under construction, is a stub, etc. Don't put them at the bottom because they won't be seen.
  • Do not create individual pages for remakes or expansions of video games. Those are better covered in a main game article, since it would only end up repeating information. If the gameplay changes and the content section becomes too big to handle in the main article, it's okay to create a separate article. Until then, keep it all in a single page.
  • Try to rewrite articles that have the {{Wikipedia}} template. This wiki aims to have original content, providing something valuable to Dragon Quest fans around the world instead of simply copying material from other sources. We must at least strive to present such material in a more enjoyable way.