Articles for equipment in Dragon Quest games should adhere as much as possible to the following formatting. Note that there is a distinction between equipment and general items. See the item article guideline for details on item articles. If there is no information for a specific section, that section may be omitted. Additional headings and sub-headings may be added to sections where appropriate. This guide exists to create uniformity among the equipment articles on this wiki.

Note that there are many templates used on equipment articles. Each is referenced where appropriate below, but they all can be viewed at Category:Equipment templates.

Example articles which follow this guideline:

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Sample artwork image of equipment

Article title and a descriptive introduction regarding the equipment in general. This section should be generic as it covers details related to any game this equipment appears in.

Note that an image may be included at the top left of an article. Note that this should be an image which is generally the best representation of the overall article. Lower quality images should be included in the gallery below as necessary.


Discuss any general characteristics about the equipment here. Note that not all equipment is interesting enough to need this section.


This section will cover more in-depth details about the equipment.

Game 1

This would be a description about the equipment in Game 1. This description is only necessary if there is something noteworthy. The 3 subheadings below are required for each game. They should not be broken up with line breaks in order to display all equipment details for a single game as a collective unit.

Note that for equipment which is currently only featured in one game, the 'Game' and 'Appearances' headers may be omitted. For consistency, the 'Info', 'Locations', and 'Equipping characters' headers should all stay 4th level headers (i.e. ====Info====)


This section should contain only a Template:Equipment. Note that the template has a specific parameter for including a sprite image of the equipment.


This section should contain only a Template:ItemLocation.

Equipping characters

This section should contain only a Template:CharacterList.


This section should use Template:GroupQuote or Template:Quote to list any quotations of note for this piece of equipment. This section is probably only necessary for specialized equipment.

Version differences

If there are notable differences in this equipment between versions and/or games, they can be discussed in this section. Again, this section probably will only exist for specialized items.


Additional images of artwork, etc should go here. See the gallery tag for more details.


Any trivia about this equipment.

Other languages

Any other names for the equipment item in other languages should be listed in the language template as shown below.

Other languages
French Unknown
German Unknown
Spanish Unknown
Italian Unknown
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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Other articles in the wiki which are related to this one.

External links

Any applicable external links related to this equipment


Any references used in the article.

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