Dragon Quest Wiki
  • Use official English localization whenever possible.
  • This is a wiki for English-speaking readers, so avoid using transliterated or foreign names. Always use the most recent officially localized terms, even if they don't make sense to you.
  • For page names, use the common English name. For exmaple, Dragon Quest Swords is fully titled Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors, but that name is not commonly used due to its overly long subtitle.
  • Generally speaking, avoid using the subtitle of a game, item and such, mentioning the subtitle only once at the beginning of the lead summary. For example, Dragon Quest XI is only referred by its full name Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age at the very beginning of its article, and its subtitle Echoes of an Elusive Age is not mentioned again. This is in order to make the prose and overall text more accessible and comprehensible for everyone, from newbies to hardcore fans. The exception to this rule are spinoffs and similar media that can only be differentiated from each other by the subtitles, for example, Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 and Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light.
  • Always use the names used in the most recent game releases. Erdrick was also transliterated as Loto at some point and the official Japanese name is still Roto, but recent re-releases of Dragon Quest III make it clear that the current proper English name is Erdrick, so it must be used preferably, unless another official name collides with it (e.g. the Emblem of Roto comic).
  • Prefer English official names over other versions. For example, Legend of Rubiss is also referred elsewhere as Seirei Rubiss Densetsu, the transliteration of its Japanese name, but the official English name shown in the paperback edition is Legend of Rubiss, so we use that instead.
  • If a Japanese-only title has not been officially released in English, use any common name in English by which the title is known. For example, Legend of the Hero Abel has not been officially released in English, but the series is commonly referred by that name, which is a simple translation of the Japanese title.
  • When transliterating a Japanese name, use Hepburn romanization.
    • For transliterations of Kanji and Hiragana, use romaji (macronless long vowels, for example Tokyo, Shonen) or roumaji (also known as Furigana reading, long vowels with an extra "o" or "u", for example Toukyou, Shounen). If the romaji coincides with the English name, omit the romaji altogether.
    • For Katakana and certain instances of Hiragana, use the intended name. For example, "ピーター", which is read as "pita", "piitaa" or "pītā", must be rendered as "Peter", its intended meaning; "ばけーしょん" is a cute way of expressing "バケーション", read as "bakeshon", "bakeeshon" or bakēshon, meaning "vacation", so it must be transliterated as its intended meaning.
  • The usage of {{nihongo}} is frowned upon. This is not an educational wiki about the Japanese language, nor does this site intend to focus on a template whose only purpose is to emphasize it, making things more complicated for readers and editors alike. This is an English-speaking wiki intended to spread the appreciation for Dragon Quest among everybody.

Characters names

  • If a character, item, spell of similar has its own article in this wiki, do not add its Japanese name in any other article. Kanji, Katakana and Hiragana should be avoided outside of the page where the topic in question is described.