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  • Macdawg

    There is Another...

    January 13, 2020 by Macdawg

    If any of you remember, the Queen slime didn't have a locailized name in Dragon Quest XI, desptie seeing it on slot machines. However, there is another...a Queen Slime can be formed by Pink slimes when 8 of them are Agoomalated in 2 spins. Here is a video from a YT user named Heavenistic Chaos (htt…

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  • Macdawg

    Since Verison 5 of Dragon Quest X was released 2 days ago, we have seen the return of Tentacular, Funghoul, & Cruelcumber (The last of which I was expecting, and similar to Tyrantosaurus at the beginning of Verison 4, is poectic justice since its relatives/comrades Zumeanie & Scourgette reappeared …

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  • EmicalFire055


    September 24, 2019 by EmicalFire055

    Well I just put in a bunch of links. Now I'm tired...

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DQX - Hades Nelgel - First Forme

Hades Nelgel

Hades Nelgel is a character in X.

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Port Llaffan

Port Llaffan is a place in IX.

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