Dragon Quest in Brass (ドラゴンクエスト・イン・ブラス) is an album with arranged melodies from Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest II and Dragon Quest III. As suggested by the album name, all themes are performed in brass instruments. All melodies were composed by Koichi Sugiyama with arrangement by Kosuke Onozaki and performed by the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra.

The CD album was released on 5 July 1988 by Apollon Music Industrial Corporation, catalog number BY30-5201 and JAN 4988015016192, along with a LP record version, catalog number AY25-20 and JAN 4988015016185, and a cassette tape one, catalog number KSF-1523 and JAN 4988015016185.

It was eventually re-released in limited fashion in 2003 as Dragon Quest in Brass 1.


  1. When The Braves Go Marching In (行進曲・ロトのテーマ); 3:49
  2. Chateâux (ラダトーム城〜王城〜王宮のロンド); 6:33
  3. What A Wonderful Towns (街の人々〜街の賑わい〜街); 5:09
  4. Endless World (遥かなる旅路〜広野を行く〜果てしなき世界); 4:50
  5. Adventure (冒険の旅); 4:07
  6. Waltzing On The Wave (海のワルツ); 4:46
  7. Fighting Scenes (戦闘); 4:01
  8. Finale (フィナーレ); 2:58
  9. My Road My Journey (この道わが旅); 4:15
  10. Into The Legend (そして伝説へ…); 2:57
  11. Roto (ロトのテーマ); 2:48



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