Dragon Quest in Brass: When The Braves Go Marching In (行進曲・ロトのテーマ) is a mini CD single that was released alongside Dragon Quest in Brass. The single has two tracks composed by Koichi Sugiyama with arrangement by Kosuke Onozaki and performed by the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra. Like the main album, the arranged melodies are from Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest II and Dragon Quest III. The two tracks in the single are exclusive versions not present in any other music collection so far.

The single was released on 5 July 1988 by Apollon Music Industrial Corporation, catalog number BY12-5001 and JAN 4988015016604, along with a cassette tape version, catalog number KHY-1033 and JAN 4988015016598.


  1. "When The Braves Go Marching In" (行進曲・ロトのテーマ); 7:07
  2. "Adventure March" (マーチ・冒険の旅); 7:37



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