Dragon-Slash DQIX

Dragon Slash is a recurring skill. It deals 50% more damage to dragons. Combine with the Dragonsbane for double damage!


Dragon Quest IV

Absent from the original, it was included in the remakes as one of Psaro's special abilities.

Dragon Quest VI

Dragon Slash inflicts extra damage on dragons, otherwise it deals normal melee damage. It is obtained by advancing to rank 2 of the Gladiator vocation.

Dragon Quest VII

Dragon Quest VIII

The hero can use Dragon Slash as a sword technique after investing 9 skill points into the associated skill. However, it cannot be learned by Angelo.

Dragon Quest IX

Dragon Slash is the first of the sword techniques, obtained after 3 skill points are invested into that skill. Visually, the user leaps towards the target, then swings his or her sword, creating a brief vertical spout of fire as the swing finishes.

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