Template:Infobox VG Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 is a spinoff game in the Dragon Quest game series series, and the second game in the Dragon Quest Monsters sub-series.

Like its predecessor, Dragon Quest Monsters 2 features young children and the monsters they have recruited and trained to fight for them. Breeding makes a return as well.

In a similar fashion to the Pokemon series of games, Dragon Quest Monsters 2 was released in two versions, called Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey and Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's Adventure in the North American localization. In addition to minor aesthetic differences, each version offers a handful of creatures that cannot be obtained in the other version of the game, necessitating monster trading, and also features a different protagonist depending on the game.


Cobi and Tara are siblings, and their father is a renowned Farmhand and Owner, who seeks to build a life in the Kingdom of GreatLog. As their ship docks on the island kingdom, their lives change forever.

After a simple task is asked by their mother, they encounter the island's Prince Kameha and his partner-in-crime known as Warabou. A game of fetch is made, ultimately leading into a tug of war in the island's well.

Cobi and Tara try to get the pie back but, in the process, uncork the island's Navel. The Prince leaves frantically and Warabou uses himself to plug up the hole.

Pleading to the siblings to find something to plug up the hole, he grants them a key. In the deepest reaches of the Well, a mysterious door awaits for the one holding the key. Beyond that door is the realm of monsters, and the two children are tasked with becoming Monster Masters after learning that nobody believes them.

Their quest will lead them into new realms, in order to find a suitable replacement for a simple object to keep the island from sinking.

New Additions

Kingdom Keys

In contrast to the first game's use of a series of rooms holding Gates to the Monster Realm, Cobi and Tara's Quest sets them off to complete realms. Maps are more vast, and carry towns and places of interest.

Additional gates are now found in the form of keys that can be obtained through a number of means such as simple exploring, winning in the Arena, and through Link Cable trading. The number of keys is near unlimited, and carry a range of monsters, weak and strong. Each new realm often has a small town with an Inn, Shop, and Priest, as well as wandering Masters.

A New Monster Family!

The original Monsters game had a variety of Monster Families, known throughout the Main Series. However, in the new installment, a new family was introduced called Water.

This new family has monsters commonly found in the later main series games. Notable monsters include FishRider, Digong, Gamanian and the Dread Fiend Gracos.

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