The dragon robe is a recurring robe in the Dragon Quest series. It is a truly incredible garment made from a dragon's scales and bones. The robe protects the wearer against fire and ice attacks and is often the strongest protection in the game for those who cannot don heavy armor.


Dragon Quest III

The dragon robe has a defense bonus of +80 and reduces damage from breath attacks by 33%. It only appears in the remakes and can be equipped by MagesPriests, and Sages. One can be obtained after turning in 85 mini medals to the collector in Aliahan in the mobile versions. In the GBC and SNES versions, dragon robes can be purchased from the fourth Pachisi track in Kol or randomly found in the fifth Pachisi track.

Dragon Quest VI

The dragon robe has a defense bonus of +95. It reduces frizz, sizz, bang, and breath attacks by 30. The HeroMillyAshlynnNevan, and Lizzie can wear it. The robe can be obtained in Greedmore Valley after the residents there are cured of their greed.

Interestingly, vintage art for the robe depicts it as a bikini of sorts despite male characters being able to wear it. Considering the robe was redesigned as early as the remake of DQ III, it is likely the feminine form was an oversight by Toriyama.

Dragon Quest VII

The dragon robe has a defense bonus of +95, a style bonus of +60, and reduces damage from all fire and ice-based attacks by 40. It can be purchased from the Sea Dragon for 40,000 gold and sold for 20,000 gold. The robe can be equipped by the HeroMaribel, and Sir Mervyn.

Dragon Quest VIII

The dragon robe has a defense bonus of +103, and will reduce frizz, sizz, bang, crack, and breath damage by 40. It can be worn by JessicaAngeloMorrie, and Red. It is received as a reward for beating Rank S at the Monster Arena.

Dragon Quest IX

Other languages

Other languages
French Manteau du dragon
German Drachenrobe
Spanish Túnica de dragón
Italian Veste del drago
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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