A dragurn is a monster who appears in the Dragon Quest series.



Main games

Dragon Quest VIII

#174 - Dragurn
Dragon Family
[[File:|100 px]]
HP MP Attack Defence Agility
268 0 158 118 92
Exp Gold Drop Dragon dung (Common)
Dragon scale (Rare)
302 61 G
Note: Pot-bellied monsters known for their scaly coats, which repel fire and ice-based attack.
Normal attack
Drinks Amor seco essence from jar
Haunts at:
Dragon Graveyard
Isolated Plateau

Dragon Quest XI

#135 - Dragurn
Dragon Family
DQXI - Dragurn 2D
HP MP Attack Defence Agility
256 19 120 103 51
Exp Gold Drop Dragon hide (Common)
Dragon scale (Rare)
214 49 G
Note: The jars they carry contain a magical liquid that's the secret to their success. They can drink it to soothe wounds, or spit it out in gouts of flame.
Normal attack
Flame Breath
Drinks Amor seco essence from jar
Gets Pepped Up
Haunts at:
The Champs Sauvage (Early game, Daytime)
The Eerie Eyrie (All times)

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Dragurn is a pun on dragon (a mythical creature that had wings and could breathe fire) and the pot it has resembles an Urn.

Other languages

Other languages
French Dragonflé
German Urnendrache
Spanish Gordodrilo
Italian Jargon verde
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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