The Dread Realm is a plane in Dragon Quest VI. Created by the Archfiend Mortamor, it is from here that the residents' strongest negative emotions give him his power. The Dread Realm is also home to the strongest enemies in the main storyline as well as towns and locations all governed by the Archfiend. The final dungeon lies in this world, across the Sea of Nothingness.


The Dread Realm contains several towns in Dragon Quest VI, including: DespairiaGreedmore Valley, and Gallows Moor. It also has 2 shrines (Lotus Lagoon and Prison of Sorrow),which provide access to return to the real world. Mortamor's Dreadlair is the last location visited in the Dread Realm and is the location of the final boss.

In order to reach the Dread Realm, the heroes must have acquired the Celestial reins. This item allows Peggy Sue, the horse which pulls the wagon, to fly and reach the Dread Realm.

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