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Dullerton is a town in VI. Located at the northeastern edge of the Real World, it gets its name from being extremely boring.


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Nothing exciting has ever happened in the dull hamlet of Dullerton, until a smith named Max Wynne showed up and crafted the finest armour in the world. But one day, he vanished and was never seen again. Meanwhile, a traveling nun has stationed herself in town with the goal of livening up the residents, but her bad jokes do absolutely nothing of the sort. Wynne's wife has shut herself in, awaiting his return. When the Hero and his party arrive here, it gets to be big news for the other residents.

Wynne is later found in the Dread Realm shantytown of Despairia as an old man drained of his will to live and the zeal to practise his craft. Only proof of his former life will raise him from his slump. He sends the party back to the real world to fetch his tools, which were locked in a closet before he left. For his wife, Wynne offers an old smoking pipe as proof that he still lives. When the party brings this before the house, the couple's dog seizes on it, alerting Mrs. Wynne enough to meet with the party. They explain the situation, and in thanks for the briefing, Mrs. Wynne hands over the tools, which are given back to Wynne himself. Grateful, Wynne offers the party any of his finest arms at no charge.

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