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Dwarfs are a recurring race of beings that appears frequently in the Dragon Quest series.


True to their name, all dwarfs are shorter in stature compared to most other races such as Humans. For much of the series, the wee folk were depicted as bearded men wearing green caps with a white bob with pointy ears, though in Dragon Quest VII, they ditched the beards as a hard rule and women and children also appeared.

In Dragon Quest X, Dwarfs were given a Babylonian theme to their clothing and architecture, along with green skin-tones, a set of large round ears, and usually reddish hair.


Dragon Quest III[]

Nordy the Dwarf is the first of the race to appear in the series, serving as a gate keeper to the mountain chain that separates Asham and Baharata. He is grumpy and fairly judgemental towards humankind, refusing visitors unless the party bear a letter from the king of Portoga, one of his few human friends. Other dwarfs can also be met in various locations.

Dragon Quest IV[]

Dwarfs appear as residents in various settlements across the world, being notably much more well integrated in human society compared to the elves, who instead have become wary of humans due to the treatment some of them subjected their race. One of the places where dwarfs are more well established is the town of Rosehill, living in harmony with the civilized monsters and talking animals.

Interestingly due to his pretty consistent look across the different versions of Dragon Quest IV, it would seem that the Hero's biological paternal grandfather, found in his old Woodcutter's cabin near the ruined Hidden valley, is of dwarven blood.

Dragon Quest V[]

A small family of dwarves lives in Faerie Lea, with the younger of the pair, Dwight, being duped by the Winter Queen into stealing the Herald of Spring and halting the changing of the seasons. In the PS2 remake and onwards, he will join the party if visited in the third generation.

Dragon Quest VI[]

A duplicitous dwarf cons the Hero and Carver into helping him build a large storage shed next to his home early in the pair's adventure, much to the latter's ire. He does reveal a small tidbit of information concerning Alltrades Abbey, however.

Dragon Quest VII[]

Dwarves are humanoid in feature, with the only noticeable difference between them and humans being their reduced heights. however, another outstanding feature is their extended lifespan, as Dwarves living three times longer than a human is not unheard of.

The Dwarf race dwells in the Den of the Dwarves on the same island as Buccanham, thou a few individuals of seemingly mixed heritage can be meet on other islands. They are governed by a Foreman rather than a king or a mayor. They maintain their embedded empire by way of a special plant called the Glowmoss, which provides food and illumination in abundance; however, this plant is a delicacy for aquatic monsters and, as such, this plant has been in short supply.

The relationship between humans and dwarfs is explored more thoroughly in the, in both a racial and romantic level. In the past. the king of Buccanham courted and married queen Bea of the dwarfs, and she moved to the royal palace of Buccanham, but her death at the hands of monsters seven years prior to the party's arrival had created a sense of deep resentment towards humans among the little people, who felt that Bea would never have been in such a situation had she remained below the surface. Despite the loss of his beloved daughter, the Foreman himself did not blame her death squarely on Buccanham--a fact that was unfortunately lost on the repentant king. Fortunately, after the Hero and his party helped them recover the Glowmoss by defeating the monsters trying to eat it, the Dwarves' opinion of humans started to change for the better, slowly returning as it previously was.

In the present, the chasm between the two races has been reconciled completely through the actions of the party in the past; the diminutive denizens of the Den are exceptionally welcoming of humans, writing off the past hostilities as relics of the past. The current human king of Buccanham is married to a dwarven woman, and to remain close to his wife, he has moved the royal seat into the Den, turning his former castle into a public casino. The union of the two lines produced a prince and princess of human stature, though the finer details of such are glossed over.

Another notable Dwarf is The Woodcutter, the seemingly only dwarf living on the island of Estard; after the events at L'Arca, he became Ruff's father figure, taking care of him as a son.

In the PSX version, Dwarves were able to be recruited into the Immigrant Town to make it a Great Farm town.

Dragon Quest VIII[]

Dwarfs seldomly appear as residents and shop keepers in various settlements across the world, and some also live in Tryan Gully.

Dragon Quest X[]

After beginning the story as a human, the hero may decide to become a dwarf or any of the other races, including Elf, OgrePoppet, or Wetling.

In the world of Astoltia, the Dwarf race, created by the patron deity Wagi in his own image, is native to the continent of Dwachakka.

Dragon Quest Heroes[]

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Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince[]

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  • In the Japanese versions of Dragon Quest III, Dragon Quest IV, and Dragon Quest VII, Dwarfs are known instead as "Hobbits", after the fictional race from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. However, the Japanese version of Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince refers to the occupants of Rosehill as "Dwarfs" despite them previously being referred to as "Hobbits".
    • Ironically, the name "Dwarf" was also planned to be used in Japanese according to development materials for Dragon Quest III, but "Hobbit" was used instead due to the limited alphabet the Japanese version of the game possessed, as it lacked the 「ワ」 (wa) character.
  • During the first cutscene of Dragon Quest Heroes, its possible to see the prizes of the shooting gallery; these prizes include stuffed doll versions of the 5 non-Human races of Dragon Quest X: the Poppets, the Ogres, the Wetlings, and the Dragon Quest X versions of the Dwarf and Elf races, both of which do appear in Heroes under a different guise.

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