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Dwarves are a race in the game Dragon Quest VII


Dwarves are humanoid in feature. The only difference between them are their heights. To this end, they are similar to the mythical dwarves. Another outstanding feature is their extended lifespan. A Dwarves living three times longer than a human is not unheard of.


Many Dwarves are found in Buccanham, with many of them taking up residence in the Den of the Dwarves. The cave is naturally lit by a plant called the Glowmoss. However, this plant is a delicacy for aquatic monsters and, as such, this plant has been in short supply.

They seem to live in an tribal society, with a figure called the Foreman to lead them. Beyond this, there doesn't seem to be any government.

Relationship with Humans

In the distant past, the relationship between the Dwarves and humans isn't clear. But sometime ago, the daughter of the Foreman fell in love with the King of Buccanham. They were married and she moved to Buccanham Palace. She ended up being killed by monsters years later. Because of this event, the Dwarves felt as though the King was responsible for her death. They began to despise all humans and cut off all ties to them.

After The Hero and the party help them recover the Glowmoss by defeating the monsters trying to eat it, the Dwarves' opinion of humans start to change. They don't see all humans as evil.

In the present, the current King of Buccanham has married another Dwarf bride and the monarchy has moved into the Den of the Dwarves. Relationships between humans and Dwarves has become stable.

Notable Halflings

The Woodcutter


Dwarves can be recruited into the Immigrant Town to make the Great Farm town.