Edina (previously known as Eginbear) is a castle located in the overworld of Dragon Quest III ruled by the King of Edina and his daughter, Princess Margot. It becomes accessible when the player gets the via ship, and is the location of the bottomless pot.

Restricted Entry

The entrance to the castle is guarded and the heroes cannot enter without being invisible. This means they must use a Fading jenny or the Vanish spell. Typically, Hide herbs can be purchased in Lanson prior to visiting Eginbear.

Bottomless Pot

The Bottomless pot is hidden in the castle. It was stolen from the village of Persistence by men from Edina. In order to retrieve it, a boulder puzzle must be solved. The king does not regard the vase as valuable and allows the heroes to keep it.


Edina is made to mimic Great Britain in the real world. It emphasizes the common stereotype that people from Great Britain are extremely aristocratic and snobby. As a result, many individuals within Edina refer to the heroes as 'Bumpkins'.

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