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The Kingdom of Edina is a castle located in the overworld of Dragon Quest III. It is a small chain of islands situated in the extreme northwest of the world, corresponding to the United Kingdom in the real world.


Dragon Quest III[]

Edina is an extremely formal country where "lineage is law, and manners maketh man". The guards deny entry to anyone they deem insufficiently noble, including the hero. The only way to enter the castle is to evade detection by the castle guard by using a Fading jenny or by casting the Fade spell.

None of the residents of the castle have anything particularly flattering to say about the hero's party, with most taking a supercilious attitude and noting how "humble" they appear compared to themselves. The princess, Margot, is fascinated by the group, however, and eagerly expects to be told stories of the adventures of the Great Unwashed. The King is not much better, but he does allow the party to take the Bottomless pot with them if they solve the riddle in the castle basement.

Long before the events of the game, Edina sent an expedition to the new world and stumbled upon Persistence. The soldiers stole the bottomless pot from the natives, and accidentally left behind one of their own. The bottomless pot has been kept in the basement since, guarded by a sokoban puzzle. The goal is to place three boulders on three weight switches, with the rocks resetting when the player reenters the room. A merchant in the castle mentions that the pot has to do with a sunken island off the coast of the new world, which is the player's hint to keep an eye out for Shallows shrine when sailing.

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  • Both Edina and Eginbear are derived from Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.
  • Geographically, the town corresponds to London, and its people exhibit negative, stereotypical English traits.
  • The theft of the bottomless pit from Persistence refers on the impact of colonisation on Native American peoples.

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