Eerie Light is an enemy skill in the Dragon Quest series. It lowers resistance to status effects, damages party members, and put enemies to sleep.


Dragon Quest IV

Eerie Light makes its first appearance as Estark's ability. It can only be used when he is asleep. It can damage enemies for 45 to 55 hit points.

Dragon Quest IX

Eerie Light makes a reappearance for the first time in 5 games. It is used by Freaky tikis, Tyrantula, and Orgodemir from Level 57 onwards. Here, it can lower an enemy's resistance to status changes for 6 to 9 turns.

Dragon Quest X

Eerie Light appears in the game where it's used by the Hellbound hunter & Hellbound horror. It can put an enemy to sleep from this game onwards.

Dragon Quest XI

Eerie Light acts the same as in X, and is used by monsters such as Succubat, Fruity succubat, Hellbound horror, & Hellbound hunter.

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