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For the skill from Dragon Quest Tact, see Cheer.

Egg On (Aka Cheer and Cheer On) is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series.


Increases the tension of a target party member by one level.


Dragon Quest IX[]

Making its debut, it is taught to the Hero by Patty from Stornway after unlocking the Quester's Rest as way of thanks for helping her out in The Hexagon earlier. It costs 0 MP to use, and is also used by Sluggers, Jinksters, and Sluggernauts in battle to bolster their allies, while Sluggerslaughts in high level ruins grottoes have a modified version that increases tension by two levels. In addition, it is also a Party Trick that is learned in Zere by talking to a woman in a cave.

Dragon Quest X[]

Though they can't use it in battle themselves, players can use it to help others in fights. It can also be learned by recruited Bambooligans by investing 3 skill points into their Military Art skill tree, as well as investing 100 skill points into Hussar's Cool skill tree. It costs 0 MP to use once again for the former and 10 MP for the latter, and is also used by Bambooligans, Feralbeasts, Satyrs, Bamboozlers, Abyssal octopots, Silenuses, Angora fauns, Pink bonbons, Octo dermons, Muccino, and Golden Zeplings, as well as Sluggers and Sluggerslaughts once again.

Dragon Quest XI[]

During the climb up Cobblestone Tor, Gemma uses it while the Luminary is fighting monsters, although she wastes a turn doing so. However, it's used by Bambooligans and Bamboozlers once again to put allies in a Pep state, since tension is not in XI.

Dragon Quest Walk[]

Already learned by the Guardian Angel vocation, it boosts one ally's slash, physical power, Magical Might, and breath power by 80%, though it can only be used once per battle and costs 0 MP to use for the first time since X.

Dragon Quest Tact[]

Known as Rabble Rouser, it is already learned by Diamagon ace when it is recruited and acts the same as in previous appearances, costing 28 MP to use.

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Other languages
French Unknown
German Aufputscher (IX)
Anfeuern (IX PT)
Spanish Unknown
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