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Live lava.

Elemental Family (エレメント, Element) refers to the monsters in the Dragon Quest series that are formed mainly by elements: Fire, Ice,Water, Wind or Earth. Usually they have elemental attacks and haunts areas similar to their elemental type. (E.g. Live lava haunts around volcanoes. )

Strengths and Weakness


  • They often have breath attacks that can damage all party members
  • They have higher resistance to attacks of same elemental type.
  • Might have mixed elemental types, and thus have resistance to both types (e.g. Magmalice has Fire as major type, and Earth as minor)



  • Has lower resistance to attack opposite to their elemental type
    • Fire ↔ Ice
    • Wind ↔ Earth
  • Elemental enemies are also weak to the Fisticuffs ability Wind Sickles.

Sub-types of Elemental Family

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