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The elevating shoes (originally referred to as Shoes of happiness and later Luck shoes) is a recurring equipment in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest III[]

The Shoes of happiness (referred to as Luck shoes in the Game Boy Color Version) can be dropped by Metal babbles and sold for 75 gold coins. The shoes grant it's wearer one experience point per step.

Dragon Quest IV[]

The Elevating Shoes is an accessory that increases luck by 50, and grants EXP while walking. They are found in a treasure chest inside the Fungeon, which opens up during the Chapter 6 of the story in the remakes of the title; said chest is located shortly before exiting the fiery section of the maze.

Dragon Quest VII[]

The elevating shoes increase exp by 1 point for every step the wearer makes on fields with monsters in them. They also increase style by 5 points. They can be acquired as a rare drop from Liquid metal slimes and Metal king slimes and as a rare prize item from Lucky panel in the Casino. They can be equipped by all characters, and sold for 50g. There is also a more poweful version of the shoes, in the form of the Extra-elevating shoes, the ultimate prize from the Tombola.

Dragon Quest VIII[]

The Elevating shoes provides an agility boost of +5, and grants EXP while walking. They can be made by mixing Fishnet stockings and a Happy hat through Alchemy in the Alchemy Pot, and by mixing them with a Feathered cap they can be turned back into a Happy hat. They can be sold for 50 gold.

Dragon Quest IX[]

In Dragon Quest IX, unlike other titles in the seies, the Elevating shoes act as a muliplier for exp earned through battle instead by walking, giving X1.05 experince points from each battle; they are made by combining 1 Lucky pendant with 1 Depressing shoes.

Dragon Quest XI[]

The Elevating shoes appear in the 3DS and Definitive version of Dragon Quest XI, being the ultimate reward for clearing the Tickington quest "No Music, No Life!". Like other equipment pieces, they can be upgraded up to a +3 grade, enhanging their efficiency.

Base effects[]

Agility +20, Charm +32, EXP Increase When Moving +1

Rank +1[]

Agility +22, Charm +34, EXP Increase When Moving +2

Rank +2[]

Agility +24, Charm +36, EXP Increase When Moving +3

Rank +3[]

Agility +26, Charm +38, EXP Increase When Moving +4

Dragon Quest Heroes[]

Purchase Value
Not for Sale
Sale Value
Basic Effects
Experience Earned +5.0%
Slip on these slip-ons for an elevating experience

Lke the vast majority of the available accessories, Elevating shoes can be created through Alchemy; through a lucky Sweet Success creation, it can be made from the start already at a rank of +1, then with successive melding with other copies of itself, an individual pair of Elevating shoes can be ugraded to up to a +3 rank, adding a total of 3 other additional effects to their base one; these effects are chosen at random from a pool of possible bonuses available for this particular accessory, the Eleveting shoes having additional percentaces of extra experience among the possible bonuses.

In order to create a pair, at least one of its recipe variants is necessary to having been found.

The Quick recipe, like all Quick recipes except for the Gold ring, can be bought by exchanging Mini medals, 15 in this case; alternatively, like its counterparts, the Classic recipe and the even better Luxury recipe, it can be found very rarely as a secret drop from Metal slimes, Liquid metal slimes, or Metal king slimes. Alternatively, all of these recipe variants could potentially be found inside a treasure chest, but even more rarely than from the enemy drops.

As such, since it is not ideal to find as a drop a Quick recipe that could had been purchased instead, it is preferable to spend some Mini medals and learn the Quick recipe as soon as possible, thusly increasing the chances for the monsters to drop the better, rarer quality recipes rather then the ones that are already more easily accessible.

Dragon Quest Heroes II[]

The Elevating shoes return once again as an accessory in Dragon Quest Heroes II, being exclusively obtained as a rare drop from the Liquid metal slimes. They offer a +20% more experience to the character that has them equipped, and can be stacked with the effect of the Elevating Orb from Maxi Malone, which adds another +5%.

Unlike most of the other Accessories available the Elevating shoes, like the Gospel ring, cannot be further enhanced through the use of Alchemy, having only its initial node in the bonus grid.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light[]

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Dragon Quest Treasures[]

The Elevating shoes are one of the possible treasures that Erik or Mia can retrive during their adventure in Draconia.

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Chaussures à talons
Chaussures chanceuses
German Erhebende Schuhe
Spanish Zuecos del Ánimo
Italian Scarponi santi
Scarpe sante
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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