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Eltrio is a character in Dragon Quest VIII. He is stated to be the father of the game's main protagonist.


In flashbacks, Eltrio has green clothes with golden trim. He wears a red neckerchief and a green hat.


Dragon Quest VIII[]

Before the story began, he was the first successor to the throne in the Kingdom of Argonia and the older brother of the current king Clavius. Eltrio fell in love with a Dragovian girl named Xia who left the Dragovian Sanctuary to visit the human world. When Xia was later forcibly taken back to the Dragovian Sanctuary, Eltrio pursued her down the Dragovian Path. Unfortunately, he died upon reaching the main gate and was never able to enter the sanctum. At that time, he was also unaware Xia was pregnant with their child (who would later grow up to be The Hero).

Is is believed by the villagers that even in death, Eltrio is separated from Xia's resting place in the Heavenly Dais. It was explained later by Chen Mui that Xia is actually buried with Eltrio. You can find Eltrio's tomb near the end of the Dragovian Path, on the ledge right before the last tunnel connecting to the Dragovian Sanctuary. On his tombstone bears the following words which is implied to be Xia's:

"Here lies my beloved Eltrio. May he rest in peace"

Prior to their separation, Eltrio gave his Argon Ring to Xia, which she held onto until she died. The ring eventually ended up in the possession of their son.

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