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Empires feature in several games across the Dragon Quest series. Usually, they are groups started by the main antagonist of the story, or in Malroth's case, started by followers of him.

Children of Hargon[]

Zoma's Empire[]

  • In Dragon Quest III, the Demon King Zoma took over Torland and sealed it off to only Alefgard. He resides in Charlock Castle to take over the upper world. His bodyguards are Soul of Baramos and King Hydra. After Baramos's defeat he reanimated his corpse and made Bones of Baramos. He then went to Aliahan and crashed the parade to reveal that he is the true Demon Lord.
  • Zoma's empire could have potentially been the largest empire, as it controlled both Torland and the Upperworld.

Order of Zuzwang[]

Mortamor's Empire[]

Gittish Empire[]