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Erdrea is the name given to the world of Dragon Quest XI. As with most settings in the Dragon Quest series, it is both geographically and culturally diverse. Said to have been crafted by the Yggdragon, civilisations have flourished for centuries despite the calamitous events of its distant past, under the protection of Yggdrasil, the world tree.

Yet the world of Erdrea would face danger from both the evil Mordegon and even more powerful Calasmos, The Dark One, but fortunately, the Yggdrasil's chosen children, the Luminaries Erdwin and the Hero, would in separate occasions protect the world from the forces of darkness alongside their respective loyal companions.

Possible future[]

At the end of the story, after vanquishing the returned Dark One of old, Calasmos, The Luminary and his loyal companions Veronica and Serena, are greeted by a vision of the creator of their world, the Yggdragon. Then a series of flashfowards, showing the Hero of Alefgard and Erdrick's awakening the day they set out on their journey, seems to indicate that the world of Erdrea would eventually evolve into the Overworld of Dragon Quest III.

While this connection would explain some of III's lingering mysteries, such as the origins of that world Six Orbs, the Sword of Kings, and the similarities between Hotto and Jipang, the flashfowards are presented in an ambiguos manner, showing the events of XI in a book; this leaves it open to interpretation on whenever said story is past history or fiction from the denizens of Overworld perspective, making it impossible to say what of the two is the correct answer. Furthermore it leaves the fate of Yggdrasil or Yggdragon herself ultimately unknown, not to mention the true role of the goddess Rubiss unclear.


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