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For the character in the Erdrick trilogy, see Hero/Heroine (Dragon Quest III).

Erdrick, known in Japan as Loto, is an honorary title given to legendary heroes and frequently mentioned in the Dragon Quest series.


The title serves as a major connecting point between Dragon Quest III and both Dragon Quest I and Dragon Quest II (along with Alefgard), as a result, the first three games in the series are often referred to as the Erdrick trilogy (or Loto Trilogy).

Erdrick's emblem is modeled after Ramia's own shape, due to the hero's role in hatching the egg of the sacred bird capable to travel across dimensions.


Dragon Quest[]

While Erdrick does not appear in the game, the Hero is their descendant. They have a cave named after them (Erdrick's Cave), in which a monument/tablet can be found. The Hero can also find their sword and armour during the course of the game. Finally, the hero must find their seal in order to prove that Erdrick is his ancestor.

Dragon Quest III[]

The Hero/Heroine is given the title after defeating Zoma and saving Alefgard. They are the ancestor of the Hero in Dragon Quest.

Dragon Quest IX[]

Erdrick is mentioned, with an armour set named after them. These are all four star items and are made by alchemising one rusty set piece (eg. helmet, shield, sword etc.), nine Glass Frits, and an Orichalcum The rusty set pieces are obtained in various ways:

This set of armour is one of the best in the game, second to only the Alchemiracle armour.

Additionally, the "Aliahan" armour set obtained from the legacy bosses Baramos and Zoma is derived from Erdrick's original appearance in III.

Dragon Quest XI[]

The Luminary is given the title Erdrick by the Yggdragon as an honour for defeating Calasmos and ridding the world of evil. Here, it is revealed that he is the first to bear the title, showing a flash-forward to the hero of Dragon Quest and the hero of Dragon Quest III years later. In addition, a woman in Cobblestone makes mention of her favourite story character being named Erdrick. Dragon Quest XI also reveals the origins of two of Erdrick's equipment pieces.The Sword of Light was originally forged by the Luminary's predecessor, Erdwin at a sacred forge in Mount Huji. The forge overhead resembles the seal of Erdrick. The exact origins of Erdrick's shield are unknown, but it is known that Erdwin once wielded it. It somehow fell into the possession of Monsieur Professeur le Principal Maxime Médaillé, who rewards the Luminary with it after bringing the maximum amount of mini medals. Interestingly enough, although Erdwin was never mentioned to hold the title of Erdrick, his Hero's shield still has the word "Loto" written on it, which is the Japanese equivalent of the title. This implies there may have been one to bear the title before him.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart[]

The evil Gisvarg is after something called the Power of Erdrick to achieve his malevolent goals, spreding rumors that the Power could grant wishes so that someone naive enough could lead him to it. He also corrupted Magarugi, the leader of the elementals so that her would aid him in his search.


  • In the remake of V, if the player names their character Madason, then their father, who usually recommends that name, will make Erdrick his suggestion instead.
  • In the remake of VI, an NPC in Gallows Moor goes by the name of Erdrick.
  • Erdrick's emblem has made a background appearance in multiple titles of the series, usually as the form assumed by the geography of some particular locations, this is commonly only visible thanks to an aerial view. Such examples includes the markings on The Crucible inside Mount Huji's crater In Dragon Quest XI, one part of the map of the Ice Cave in the GBC version of Dragon Quest III, one part of map of The Frosty Foothills and The Fetid Foothills in Dragon Quest Heroes II etc.
  • In the US release of Final Fantasy for the NES, one of the tombstones in Elfland says "Here lies Erdrick."
    • A similar reference was used in the Japanese release of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link in Saria Town.
  • In Final Fantasy XII, Gilgamesh wields a fake version of Erdrick's sword known as "Tolo's sword". The sword is also available as a greatsword in the bazaar, where it becomes the Wyrmhero Blade when several items are traded in. When attacking or defending with it the classic attack and defend sound effects from I can be heard.
    • The name Tolo itself is a reference to Loto, the name used in the Japanese version and the GBC translations.
  • According to Dragon Quest III CD Theater and Emblem of Roto, DQIII's Erdrick was named "Arel" (アレル).
  • According to Masahiro Sakurai, his name is Arusu (アルス),[1][2] although it actually is the name of his descendant Arus in Emblem of Roto. This is the name that is used in Japanese promotional screenshots.[source needed]
  • Erdrick's armour set also appears as a Swordfighter Mii Costume.



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