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Erdrick's sword (Sword of Erdrick, Loto's Sword in the GameBoy remakes) is a powerful sword featured in the first three games in the Dragon Quest series that once belonged to the legendary hero, Erdrick. The legendary blade has since then made several reappearances in several other titles, sometimes under different names and identities. The name returned to being called Erdrick's sword for the games later released on Android and iOS.


Dragon Quest[]

The legendary blade is found in the Dragonlord's Castle. Equipping the sword grants the Hero a +40 attack to the enemy, giving a substantial boost from the Flame blade, which only has +28 attack. Certain third-party documentation claims that the sword is the only weapon that can cut the despot's scales, but this is completely false. That being said, it is strongly advised to acquire the blade to make the final confrontation much easier.

Finding Erdrick's Sword[]

Erdrick's sword is the most difficult item in the game to find. It's located deep in the bowels of the Dragonlord's Castle. To get it, enter into the Castle and walk directly behind the throne and search. A staircase will appear. Go down the stairs to the next floor. Follow the path to the only staircase on that floor. On the next floor do the same thing. There is only one staircase that you can reach. The next floor is more complicated. Start by going to the right as far as you can, then go down and take the first right. When you can't go right any further, go up until you can't go up any further. Now go left until you can't go left any further. Then go down and take the last staircase. At the next floor, work your way to the bottom right hand corner. Now go up until you see a passageway. Do not go down this one. Instead, go left for two steps and then down along the other side of that wall. You will see a staircase going up. Follow the path until you reach another staircase, as there is only one on this path. Go down the stairs and you will easily see the next staircase to take. On this floor there is only one staircase, but the path is longer. When you go down the next staircase, you will see a treasure chest. Erdrick's Sword is contained within.

Dragon Quest II[]

The sword is once again found in the Dragonlord's Castle, left by the previous hero, after his final battle to the Dragonlord. Unlike the armor, no one attempted to restore the blade to its former power, and as such the damage is still +40, far less than other mighty blades, such as the Thunderbolt blade, can achieve. The sword is not required for the final confrontation against Hargon. In the NES version, only the Prince of Midenhall can equip the sword. This was changed in the remakes, as the Prince of Cannock can also equip the sword.

Dragon Quest III[]

In the era of the third game, Erdrick's Sword was originally known as the Sword of Kings. Long before the events of Dragon Quest III, after he had stolen it from Tantegel castle, it took Zoma three years to fully destroy the blade. In order to make a new Sword of Kings, the Hero must first locate a piece of Orichalcum and a smith of godly-skill in order to forge the legendary blade. Once reforged, the sword will boost the Hero's attack by +120. When used as an item, it will cast an earth-shaking thunderclap, Kaswoosh, to a group of enemies. After the Hero is bestowed with the title of Erdrick, this blade became known as Erdrick's sword.

Dragon Quest VIII 3DS[]

This is only available in the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII. Whoever pre-ordered the 3DS version of the game in Japan would obtain the code for Erdrick's sword. A lesser version of the blade, Ye Olde Sword of Erdrick became temporarily available to download for international players on February 24, 2017. The sword has an attack bonus of +20. It can be equipped by the Hero, as well as Jessica and Red once they have enough skill points in Knives. In-game, the sword must be forged in the Alchemy Pot in order to restore it to its full potential. Once reforged to Erdrick's Sword, the blade has an attack bonus of +120, being second powerful to the Dragovian King Sword.

Recipe: Ye Olde Sword of Erdrick + Liquid metal sword + Orichalcum

Dragon Quest IX[]

In IX, a Rusty Sword can be found in the Realm of the Almighty or (In June 2011) via DQVC. This can be used to create Erdrick's Sword when alchemised with a piece of Orichalcum and nine Glass Frit.

Attack 158
Style 90
Rarity Stars4
Equippable by DQ9 Warrior IconThief IconMinstrel IconDQ9GladiatorIconDQ9ArmamentalistIcon
Flavor Text A well known weapon once wielded by a legendary lionheart.
Recipe Rusty sword + Glass frit x9 + Orichalcum

Dragon Quest X[]

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Dragon Quest XI[]

In XI, a sword identical to Erdrick's sword appears as the legendary Sword of Light (勇者のつるぎ - Hero's Sword in Japanese) wielded by the Luminary's ancestor, Erdwin, during the Age of Heroes.

Forged in the past by Erdwin and his companions, the Sword of Light is initially safeguarded within the Heart of Yggdrasil where it awaits for the Luminary to take it, but the blade is tragically transformed into the Sword of Shadows when Mordegon steals the power of the Luminary and corrupts the weapon.

Later, the hero and his companions successfully forge a second Sword of Light with which to destroy Mordegon once and for all, in the process also retriving the Sword of Shadows after his defeat. When the Luminary decided to travel back in time to prevent the fall of Yggdrasil from happening, this new Sword of Light ends up shattering against the Time's Sphere. The Sword of Shadows is also destroyed shortly after due to it's clash with Mordegon's Orb of Darkness, but thanks to it's sacrifice the Luminary is able to obtain Erdwin's blade, the original Sword of Light, otherwise known as the Super Sword of Light.

Furthermore, by repeating the same actions he previously had done while facing the all-powerful Mordegon, the Luminary can once again forge his own personal Sword of Light and, once he obtains the recipe from Erdwin's old companion Drustan, he can further enhance the blade into surpassing in power even Erdwin's own, by smelting it together with the Sword of Kings to forge the Supreme Sword of Light.

Interestingly, the Sword of Kings, while previously an epithet for what would become Erdrick's Sword, makes an appearance in this game as its own separate weapon, featuring a design that slightly differs from the Sword of Light. This Sword of Kings is practically identical to the one from III, from casting Kaswoosh when used as an item in battle, right down to being obtainable after selling a lump of Orichalcum to a blacksmith hailing from a Japan-inspired region of the world (Hotto and Jipang, respectively).

After defeating Calasmos, the Dark One, the Luminary, accompanied by Veronica and Serena, decides to return Erdwin's Sword of Light back to Yggdrasil's Heart. After a conversation with Yggdrasil's true self, Yggdragon, she bestow upon the Luminary the title of Erdrick. Furthermore, thanks to a series of flashforwards, it is shown that it exist a much deeper connection between the world of Erdrea and the world from which the Hero from Dragon Quest III come from, explaining why the Sword of Kings makes an appearance and why the Sword of Light looks identical to Erdrick's sword.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light[]

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Dragon Quest of the Stars[]

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Dragon Quest Heroes[]

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Dragon Quest Heroes II[]

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Dragon Quest Builders[]

In this alternate reality of the events of Dragon Quest, as part of their task to rebuild Alefgard to a state similar to one prior of the Dragonlord's takeover, the Legendary Builder was tasked to recreate Erdrick's sword, once again known as the Sword of Kings, alongside his armor and his shield, also once again known as their previous incarnations, the Auroral armour and the Hero's shield. The Sword of Kings not only has a +50 attack, tieing with the cursed Sword of Ruin in terms of attack power, but also does not degrade with use unlike all other weapons and also increases the damage of the Spinning Slice.

While Rubiss intended for the Builder to only recreate these mighty equipments so that a future hero would take them and slay the Dragonlord, the Builder, unable to leave their friends to continue living under the tyrant's iron fist, decided to defy the goddess' will and use them themselves to face the Dragonlord. Against the goddess' prediction the Builder was successful and peace returned on Alefgard

The original Erdrick's sword, alongside his shield also make an appearance, in the hands of the Hero, now known as the King of Darkness and reduced to a corrupt and delusional goon. Once the has-been hero was defeated, he fled, never to be seen again, taking with him the mighty blade and shield.

While playing in Terra Incognita in the post-game, the Builder can learn the recipe to how to make a true Erdrick's sword, if they are able to clear the challenge n.1 for Tantegel's Chapter, different depending of the version; for PS4 and PSVita the chapter must be completed within 30 in-game days, in the Switch version at least 200 types of materials must be collected.

Requiring Orichalcum, Steel Ingots, Gold, Silvery sludge and Holy water to create, Erdrick's sword not only like the Sword of Kings does not degrade with use and powers-up the Spinning Slice, but it is also the strongest weapon, with a +55 attack.

Dragon Quest Builders 2[]

During their stay in Malhalla, the Builder came across the Sword of Kings, the Auroral armour and the Hero's shield while defending the Ark from the invading forces of shadowy foes alongside their friendly monster companions.

After saving the illusory world from fading, the Builder can learn the recipe necessary to create a true Erdrick's sword, by defeating a Dread dragon found in the Explorer Shore Unholy holm.

However this mighty sword can only be forged with rare materials: Orichalcum, Steel Ingots, Gold Ingots, Silvery Sludge and Zenithium.

Not only it is the second strongest sword avayable with a +118 attack, but it also has the power to boost the strenght and range of the Builder's Spinning Slice. The damage output is only outmatched by the three-star Falcon blade, obtained by transforming a Sword of Ruin thanks to the Dressing Table.

Dragon Quest Tact[]

Erdrick's Sword is an S-rank sword that can be acquired as part of the limited True Dragon Quest I event by purchasing it through the Dragonlord Decoration Swap Shop. It has an HP bonus of +55, an Attack bonus of +25, raises the potency of all types of abilities, including Physical, Spell, Martial and Breath for Hero units by 5% and has three slots for Alchemy Effects.

Dragon Quest Walk[]

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Dragon Quest Treasures[]

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[]

The hero appears with his sword and Erdrick's shield.



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German Erdrickschwert
Spanish Espada de Erdrick
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