Erdrick's tablet (AKA Loto's Monument, Roto's Monument) is an informative text which outlines the basic steps to complete the original Dragon Quest. It is located on the 2nd basement of Erdrick's Cave.



In the NES version, the tablet is contained with a treasure chest. Upon opening the chest, the player is read the content of the tablet. The chest gives no permanent item to the player and can be opened repeatedly to re-read the tablet.


In the remakes of Dragon Quest, the tablet is represented by a large graphical sprite of a monument that looks like a tombstone. It is read in the same way the hero speaks to non-player characters.



Fortune smiles upon thee, <player name>. Thou hast found the tablet.

The tablet reads as follows...

"I am Erdrick, and thou art my descendent.

Three items are needed to reach the Isle of Dragons, which is south of Brecconary.

I gathered these items, reached the Isle, and there defeated a creature of great evil.

Now I have entrusted the three items to three worthy keepers.

Their descendants will protect the items until thy quest leads thee to seek them out.

When a new evil arises, find the three items, then fight!"

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