The Erdrick Trilogy, also referred to as the Loto Trilogy or Roto Trilogy refers to the first three games in the main Dragon Quest series. These games share a similar setting and timeline. In particular, they all involve the kingdom of Alefgard and the hero Erdrick.


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While not traditionally considered an explicit part of the trilogy, Dragon Quest XI  serves as a prequel to it.  After the Luminary is able to successfully defeat Calasmos and rid the world of evil, Yggdrasil reawakens as the Yggdragon and bestows the title of Erdrick upon him.  While it tells the Luminary of his legacy, the player is shown Ortega from Dragon Quest III wielding the Sword of Light (by then known as Erdrick's Sword), as well as his child being woken up to begin their journey.

Dragon Quest III is chronologically the first game in the trilogy. It tells the story of the child of Ortega leaving their native homeland to search for their father , and ending up in Alefgard to defeat Zoma. After defeating him and being given the title of Erdrick, they find themselves trapped in Alefgard when the pit they had used to access it from their homeland is sealed shut.

Dragon Quest tells the story of a descendant of Erdrick stepping forward to defeat a new evil foe who has taken up residence in Charlock Castle. The new Hero follows in his forebear's footsteps and must emulate many of his actions in order to defeat the Dragonlord. Upon his victory, the hero and Lady Lora leave Alefgard to explore and found new kingdoms in foreign regions.

Dragon Quest II begins with an attack on Moonbrooke which is one of many kingdoms founded by the hero of Dragon Quest. In response, three descendants of Erdrick, one from each of the kingdoms of Lorasia, Cannock, and Moonbrooke, unite to defeat Malroth. They travel together throughout Torland, which is expanded Alefgard region until confronting Hargon and Malroth.

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