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Erdwin is an important character to the story of Dragon Quest XI. He is the original Luminary, a courageous hero that was created by Yggdrasil to defeat the Dark One long ago and restore peace to Erdrea. In the present, the Hero is his reincarnation.


Erdwin was chosen at birth by the Yggdrasil in order to become a hero destined to defeat the Dark, Kalasmos,an evil being threatening the existence of Elea.

On his way, he united many disciples who later founded the city of Arborea and formed the people of the Protectors. He met several people who would become his comrades in arms: Morgant, a renowned sorcerer with whom he trained Manda Laï,imagining together the technique of theSolar Flare; Sérénica, wise and musician with whom he fell in love; as well as the legendary warrior Trystan.

Together, thanks to a piece oforichalca found at the Lice,they forged at the Crucible of Mount Yuji,using the Sacred Hammer, the Sword of Light,the weapon that would allow Erdwin to defeat the Dark, and went into battle.

However, at Astronoma's Erg,as the Enlightened was about to deal the final blow to the evil creature, Morgant stabbed him in the back and killed him. Kalasmos could not be defeated, so Sérénica had to enclose him in a sphere in the sky that would later take the name of Erdwin's star.

After that, Serenica sought to return to the past to find him, which she succeeded with the help of the new holder of the title of Enlightened.


Erdwin is a physically fit young man of average height with blue eyes and very spiky black hair. He wears a silver coronet with a blue gemstone and one of his forelocks falls over the headpiece. His outfit consists of a long sky blue tabard with gold edges and the Mark of Light embroidered on the front in red and gold over a black long-sleeved tunic, yellow trousers, leather gloves, leather boots, and metal bands worn on his biceps. He also wears two brown leather belts with gold buckles around his waist and one across his shoulders with a scabbard strapped on his back.


In the Japanese version, Erdwin's name Rōshu is similar to Rosh, a Hebrew word meaning "head" or "leader". Rosh is a minor Biblical figure mentioned in the Old Testament. His name in the English and Japanese versions of the game is meant to evoke the legendary hero from the third game, Loto/Erdrick.


  • Erdwin is modeled after Erdrick, the Hero of Dragon Quest III in many ways and his companions are modeled after a party that the player can make.
  • The Luminary can dress like Erdwin if he is equipped with Erdwin's coronet and tunic.

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