Erik is a character in Dragon Quest XI. He is a thief who becomes a companion to the Luminary early in the story. Left handed and brash, Erik is a capable fighter and pickpocket and wields knives, swords, and boomerangs in combat.


Erik is a young man with blue eyes and slicked back, spiky cyan hair that has a single forelock. He has a single gold hoop earring on each ear and wears purple beads around his neck. His clothes are relatively simple, wearing a hooded dark green tunic with lacing that exposes his chest, a red sash tied around his waist, blue trousers, fingerless gloves, and leather shoes worn with orange socks that are held up with string. He carries a scabbard with a dagger on his sash.


Despite his gruff exterior, Erik has a kind heart. He doesn't always believe everything he is told, even from a prophet, but he is willing to admit when he is wrong and do what is right for the good of others. He is described as "slightly nihilistic".  

Erik uses an American Mid-Atlantic dialect.


Dragon Quest XI


Erik is a combination of a fragile speedster and a glass cannon. He has low defence, but is extremely quick and can hit fairly hard while also sporting fairly good HP. His agility can reach arbitrator numbers in later levels to the point he can outrun the various metal slimes, making him good at killing them before they can flee. Befitting of a thief, Erik relies more on weakening foes with status ailments such as poison or sleep before dealing killing blows. Erik also has the potential to deal the highest amount of damage to a single target if one invests in his Guile and Knife skill trees. He also is the party member who specialises the best in dual-wielding, which often makes up for his slightly lower power, especially with Knives, as he also can't equip most, if not all, shields.

By combining his Divide skill with dual-wielding and his Knife attacks that capitalise on dealing extra damage to foes with status ailments can make him a deadly killer to even the beefiest enemies. Investing in Guile should take priority, as it allows Erik access to Half-Inch, Divide, and various agility and deftness boosts, giving him greater ability to steal, deal damage, and avoid attacks, as well as a useful Pep Power when tag-teamed with the Luminary. He can also learn Critical Claim, that, while it costs a large amount of MP, second only to Magic Burst, can deal a guaranteed critical hit, making him even better at killing Metal Slimes.

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  • Erik, in many ways, stirs callbacks to Dragon Quest VI:
    • His story evokes Terry. Both have a situation involving their sisters (Milly getting kidnapped by bandits, Mia wearing a cursed necklace that turns everything, including her, into gold.), go on a quest to become stronger (Terry becomes a swordsman, Erik becomes a thief), and join the protagonist's party (the Prince of Somnia for Terry, the Luminary for Erik.). However, Terry joins after Dhuran is defeated, while Erik joins right after he meets the Luminary in Heliodor Dungeon, and saves Mia after she was appointed one of Mordegon's Spectral Sentinels.
    • He shares much of his physical appearance with the prior Hero.
  • Erik also shares a lot in common with Yangus from Dragon Quest VIII.
    • Both are bandits/thieves who become their respective Hero's first loyal companions, as well as their respective best friends, both seek atonement for their ill-deeds in the past, and both act as, more or less, second-in-commands for their respective parties. Both tend to get into frequent arguments with the shortest member of the party who is also under the effects of a spell/curse (Veronica for Erik, King Trode for Yangus), and both have soft spots for certain females (Mia for Erik, Red for Yangus). Their differences, however, are that Yangus is a large, slow, a big softie, and rather unattractive while Erik is athletic, fast, fragile, gruff, and quite the pretty boy.
  • When caught dancing, Erik may reference the late American "King of Pop" Michael Jackson.


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