Faerie Lea is a village in Dragon Quest V. Located in the Faerie Realm and therefore invisible to most adults, it is overseen by Treacle and is a haven for many races.


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First generation

In what should be the final days of winter, Pankraz and the Hero have just returned to Whealbrook from their stay in Roundbeck, but as Pankraz is busy preparing to answer a royal summons, he sends the Hero off to play. The child wanders into the local pub, where he observes a presence no one else can see. The faerie introduces herself as Honey and later pleads with him to meet her in the evening. The Hero obliges, and is taken up a luminescent stairway to the faeries' domain, where the weather is also very wintry. The Hero meets with Treacle and discovers that the entire realm is in peril from a dwarf having stolen the Herald of Spring, a magical flute that the faeries use to signal the change of seasons; unless blown upon, spring will never arrive.

The dwarf, Dwight the White Dwarf, previously wrote a tome called "Lots About Locks", then sealed it deep in his cavern abode. He is later hypnotised by the Winter Queen to seize the flute and bring it into the Winter Palace. Pursuing him there, the Hero, his pet sabrecub Saber, and Honey manage to defeat the Queen and retrieve the Herald.

Returning to Faerie Lea with the flute, the Hero hands it over to Treacle, who is once again able to signal spring. Honey departs, and the hero returns home, with no one aware of what has transpired but for the warming weather.

Third generation

In their quest to raise Zenithia from its watery slumber, the Hero and his twin children learn that the golden orb needed to power the fortress was crafted by faeries long ago. With Whealbrook sacked, the party must find an alternate route. In a brief visit at Heaven's Above Abbey, one of the nuns claims to know of a forest east of Mostroferrato where faeries may dwell. Making their way through the maze of forest, the Hero's son spots another faerie near a bonfire, who then brings the party to a restored Faerie Lea. Though Treacle cannot help the heroes this time, she does guide the group to the Faerie Palace by issuing them the faerie horn.

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