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The Faerie Realm is a pocket dimension present in Dragon Quest V. Assumed to exist above the mortal world, it is where the Faeries reside and monitor the worlds below. As with the underground world of Nadiria, it is treated as its own world and has a distinct world map, especially in remake versions where it can be revisited in sidequests. The Zoom spell, as in Nadiria, treats it as a location in the greater world.

The Faery Realm was eventually visited by the Hero and his party in multiple points in his life during his adventure, aiding the Faeries and in return receiving their help.

Points of interest[]

  • Faerie Lea: The principal dominion of the faeries. Overseen by the oracle Treacle, who welcomes all races with a kind spirit, sage wisdom, and a firm hand.
  • Dwarven hollows: In the northern reaches of the realm is a cave where dwarves dwell. Dwight the White Dwarf and his family have lived in the cave for an unspecified period of time prior to the events of the story. Here can be found Dwight's work, "Lots About Locks", and later Dwight himself.
  • Winter Palace: The domain of the evil Winter Queen, her sights set on prolonging the suffering of both the faeries and mortals by imposing an endless winter upon the world.

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