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The fake heroes are a group of characters that appear in Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai manga and anime adapatations. They are a group of cheats that pretend to be heroes just to fool wealthy persons, like the King of Romos, to obtain a lot of money or precious treasure; although somewhat turned into a new leaf after their scuffle with Dai, the group still continued to travel the world in search for riches, and involuntarily stumbling upon the latest of the Dark Army's attacks as a running gag.

The group has four members:

  1. Deroline (でろりん), hero.
  2. Zulpon (ずるぼん), priest (female).
  3. Masopho (まぞっほ), mage.
  4. Heroh Heroh (へろへろ), warrior.


Derolin has black eyes and black spiky hair, and a fair skin tone. He wears a orange shirt, covered by a yellow tunic. His belt, gloves and boots are dark brown. His cape is violet. He wears a golden crown with a light blue pearl on its centre. He uses a sword for battle.


Masopho is a mage that appears to be around 60 years old. He has black eyes. He is bald, has a black moustache and goatee. He wears a green robe and green hat. He always carries a black magic stick with a round red stone on its edge.

Herohero is the tallest of the group. He has black eyes and he skin is dark. He is completely bald with no eyebrows. He wears a pink and red armour, a pink helmet, with two yellow wings on its side, a black overall, red shoulder protectors with yellow borders, and red boots with pink borders.


Although the Fake Heroes are pretty weak, knowing few spells and skills, to a low level Dai they're quite strong at the first encounter, needing to have their weaknesses exploited so Derolin could be fight alone.

  • Masopho is afraid of mysterious dances.
  • Herohero likes all sorts of money.
  • Derolin is very confident because he is the leader of group.
  • Zurbon is weak to tickling.


Birth Arc[]

The Fake Heroes go to Dermline Island looking for a Golden Metal Slime, a slime that is very rare, with the purpose of trading it with the king's Crown of Champions and some gold. 

They are welcomed by Dai, thinking they are real heroes. They trick Dai by saying that they came to protect the island and wanted to meet Gome (Golden Metal Slime). After Brass discovered their true identity, the monsters that lives on Dermline are attacked and Gome is stolen by the Fake Heroes.

After returning to the Romos's castle, they lie to the king, saying that the defeated the monsters of Dermline because they were attacked. The King decides to reward then by giving the Crown of Champions to then during a feast. 

Dai departs to the continent, with Magic Cylinders filled with monster and a magic ball, in the intention of saving Gome.


Dai captures and interrogate Zurbon, discovering her allies weaknesses. Arriving at the castle where a party was being celebrated, Dai release all his monsters, turning the castle into a mess. Herohero is punched by a giant and Masopho is immobilized with fear. Dai and Derolin fight until Derolin falls on ground. Meanwhile Zurbon seduces the slimes to release her.

Zurbon appears with the slimes as hostages, making Dai stop fighting and Derolin grabbing his neck. Dai, about to be stabbed, launches his magic ball to the sky, causing a giant flash of light that blinds everyone in the castle. In that moment the slimes merge into a King Slime and smashes Zurbon. Distract by the King Slime, Derolin is sucked by Dai into a magic cylinder. The king, seeing Dai's heroic actions, gives the crown to him.

In the 2020 version, their appearance in the first episode is shorter. They give the Golden Metal Slime to the King of Romos on a ship, and Dai arrives soon after to battle all four of them with his monster cylinders without exploiting their weaknesses. In this version, Dai has Brass by his side to face Masopho, and a green dragon.

Gathering Arc[]

In episode 13, Dai, Pop and Maam, finds them in an inn, pretending to be heroes again. When Crocodine attacks, they run away from the city, only Masopho staying behind and meeting with Pop, encouraging him to fight Crocodine after telling a little about himself.

In the 1991 anime, during the Clash Arc, there are small filler stories of the Fake Heroes going to a village near Valge Island, when Derolin prentends to be Dai, Zurbon pretends to be Maam, Masopho pretends to be Popp, and Herohero Gomechan. They appear again in another town presenting a show in a circus and again in another small town receiving food while pretending to be Dai's party again, but are discovered when some monsters come to attack and they beg for their lifes (in the end they are thrown out of the village be the inhabitants thenselves for being fakes).

Holy Sword Arc[]

The Fake Heroes decide to go to Papnica to participate in the reunion of the world's lasting governours, after deciding they were to be real heroes and would face the Dark Army. On their way they see Sovereign Rock Castle and run away in fear. They watch from far away as the giant attacks Papnica.

Holy Ordeal Arc[]

After Sovereign Rock Castle's assault on Papnica, Derolin stated that maybe only Ohzame, a kingdom that already was destroyed by Flazzard would be a safe place. They were hiding at a igloo, while Herohero and Masopho were fishing, when Vearn's floating palace threw a tower at Ohzame creating an explosion near them.

Flash of Light Arc[]

They heard Dai's wish to help to save the world and stop Vearn's plan, by destroying the Northern Tower's Black Core; being the nearest to the location, the Fake Heroes run to the tower in order to deactivate the bomb. Unfortunately it was guarded by a Jamirus[1] and the Fake heroes were way too scared to face it. That's when a weakened Matoriv appeared and killed the monster, albeit being unable to cast anything else afterwards. It's then revealed that Masopho and Matoriv studied together, but somehow due to his cowardness Masopho's life turned way different than his former colleague. Motivated by Matoriv, Masopho finally mustered his courage and confidence to destroy the Black Core by casting a combined Crack with Zurbon and Derolin.

Trying to avoid encounters with monsters they end up meeting and serving Matoriv.


  • It's unknown how Derolin escaped from the Magic Cylinder.
  • It's revealed that Masopho used to dream of being a great mage, but after losing many battles he turned into a coward.
  • They are physically based on Erdrick's Party from Dragon Quest III.[2]
  • The group was at level 13 when they fought Dai who himself was at level 10.[2]

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Faux Héros
German Falschen Lichtbringer
Italian Falsi Eroi
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown


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