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Falcon Slash is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series.


Attacks an enemy twice in one turn, each strike at 75% power for a total of 150% damage.


Dragon Quest VI

Falcon Slash is already known by Lizzie and Terry when they join the party, and is learned by Goowain at level 25. Other characters can obtain it by advancing to rank 7 of the Warrior vocation, and is also used by Pesky jesters, Hacksauruses, Crayzees, Jugular jokers, Commander Brutus, and Nokturnus in battle against their enemies. It costs 0 MP to use.

Dragon Quest VII

Falcon Slash is learned by reaching rank 6 of the Gladiator vocation in the PSX version, as well as rank 8 of the Dingbat vocation and rank 6 of the Slaughtomaton vocation. It costs 0 MP to use and is also used by Whopper hoppers in battle against their enemies.

  • In the 3DS remake, it is also learned at rank 2 of the Champion vocation, and costs 2 MP to use.

Dragon Quest VIII

Falcon Slash is a sword technique that both the Hero and Angelo can learn, requiring 52 skill points for the former, and 40 skill points for the latter. It is once again used by Hacksauruses in battle.

Dragon Quest IX

This ability is learned with 58 skill points invested into the Sword skill tree and costs 2 MP to use. If a Falcon blade or an Über falcon blade is equipped, Falcon Slash will deal 4 successive hits each time it is used. Metal slime knights can use this skill in battle, as well as Nokturnus once again.

Dragon Quest X

Falcon Slash is learned with 58 skill points invested into the Sword skill tree once again and costs 4 MP to use before 2.1 reduced it to 2 MP to use once again. It deals 0.75x2 damage to enemies, and is buffed in the later part of 2.2. Pesky jesters, Jugular jokers, Hacksauruses, and Nokturnus once again use this skill, while it is also used by Silver swordsmen, Invisible swordsmen, Phantom swordsmen, Tyrantosauruses, Gold mantles, Paladinsauruses, Demon Clown Gazer, Berserker Ogre, the Halberdsaurus, Destructive Nightmares, Romani, and Daviyaga. It is also learned by recruited Hacksauruses by investing 25 skill points into their Rexsense skill tree (With 30% more power if 43 skill points are invested after the 10th reincarnation), Mandrake majors, Restless armours, Slime knights, and Harmours by investing 40 skill points into their sword skill trees, with 30% more power when 50 skill points are invested after the 10th reincarnation.

Dragon Quest XI

The Luminary will learn Falcon Slash for 16 points in his Swordmastery Character Builder, with Hendrik learning it in his Heroism path for the same amount, and Erik for 18 skill points in his Guile Character Builder. It costs 4 MP to use for the first time since X's base game, and hits for full damage on each strike with a higher chance for a critical hit. It is also used by Jasper, Indignus, Red giants, and Erdrick's restless armour in battle against their enemies.

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