Falcon blade
DQVIII - Falcon blade
Japanese name はやぶさのけん
Rōmaji Haya busa noken
Introduced in II

The Falcon blade (Falcon Sword) is a sword featured in multiple games in the Dragon Quest game series series. The sword is incredibly fast, allowing those wielding it to attack twice in a single turn.


Dragon Quest II

Dragon Quest III

Dragon Quest IV

It can be bought with 65000 tokens from the Endor casino.

Dragon Quest V

The falcon blade has an attack bonus of +67. It can be obtained by trading 35 mini medals to King Dominucus. It can also be found on the Nadiria and Stark Raving Mad T'n'T boards.

Dragon Quest VI

Dragon Quest VII

Dragon Quest VIII

The falcon blade has an attack bonus of +37. It can be upgraded into an Über falcon blade.

Dragon Quest IX


Falcon blade  Falcon blade
Attack +12
Buy Price 14800 G
Sell Price 7400 G
Flavor text A sword so fast, it can slice an enemy twice in a single strike.
Notes Rarity: Stars1

Equipping this, or the improved version, doubles the number of swings taken when the wielder performs a physical attack. This means that a character who performs Falcon Slash while wielding one of these swords swings four times.


Dragon Quest IX
Location Info
Ship In a chest; requires the Ultimate key.
Stornway Sold by post-game bonus vendor in weapon shop.
Slionheart (#215) steal/win, common, 1/128
Prime slime (#252) steal/win, rare, 1/128

Equipping characters


DQ9 Warrior IconThief IconMinstrel IconDQ9GladiatorIconDQ9ArmamentalistIcon



In Dragon Quest VIII, the Falcon blade (along with the Uber Falcon Blade) are used in conjunction with Metal Slash as a EXP Grinding technique on monsters from the Metal slime family.

Other languages

Other languages
French Lame du faucon
German Unknown
Spanish Falcoespada
Italian Falcon
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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