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Fans are a recurring, although somewhat rare, weapon type in the Dragon Quest series and are most commonly associated with the Minstrel, Luminary, and Dancer vocations.

As a distinct category, Fans are typically mid-to-high range weapons for less melee-oriented characters, such as Maya Mahabala. Though there were originally only three individual fans in the series, the release of Dragon Quest IX has bolstered the stock by a considerable amount, and introduced several elements that distinguish a fan from it's peers.

Fans are one of the few weapon types that are usually wielded in both hands by default due to the fact that they normally come in a set of pairs, the others being the Claws the Twin swords. As such, they can normally be classified as two-handed weapons.


Dragon Quest III[]

Dragon Quest IV[]

Dragon Quest VI[]

Dragon Quest VII[]

Dragon Quest VIII[]

Fans appear in the 3DS version as one of the weapons that Red can equip and the only type that are unique to her. She joins the party with an Iron fan equipped. Interestingly, while usually Fans are wielded as a pair, in this title only one fan is used, making it possible to equip a Shield in the other hand.

Dragon Quest IX[]

Fans may be equipped by Minstrels, Luminaries and Martial Artists by default, as well as anyone who has mastered the skill tree.

All fans deal 10% more damage to Aquatic enemies.

Dragon Quest Heroes[]

Fans are the main weapon of Maya, dual wielding them and utilizing them in her flamboyant attacks.