The Farebury Region is the land surrounding the town of Farebury, The Waterfall Cave, and an Untrodden Grove.





The small town of Farebury is the home of Master Rylus, the teacher of Dhoulmagus, and that is was brings our hero's here. But when they arrive, they are stunned to f

The map of Farebury

ind out that Rylus was killed in a house-fire.

The party is forced to leave when the townsfolk chase them away because of Trode, but Valentina, the daughter of the towns failed fortune teller, Kalderasha, stops them at the gate and asks for their help. She asks them to find the crystal ball that belonged to her father. It turns out Kalderasha threw the cystal ball into the Waterfall Cave.

Waterfall Cave

The tall peak south of Farebury. This is where the party goes to find the crystal ball of the great fortune teller Kalderasha. After trailing far through the cave, they eventually come to the crystal ball in the waterfall... and Geyzer, the crazed guardian of the waterfall.

After aquiring the crystal ball from the waterfall, the party returned to town and gave it to Kalderasha. he then told the story of why he got rid of it and told them their fortunes.

Untrodden Groves

West of Farebury, there is a large hill not accessible by land or sabre-cat, but only by flight. On it are two friendly monsters who will not attack you, and a great shrine to the great Seven Sages.

Waterfall Hut

When making your way to the waterfall cave, a path behind the cave leads to the top of the hill. At the top apart from a lovely scenery is the waterfall hut. Inside is a large man sitting at the table. There's a seed of agility in the bag hanging up on the cabins wall. Inside a tall and muscular hermit lives. When you talk to the man, he will tell you about his tool bag and how he lost. He slept at night and left his tool bag. The tool bag is by the red tree so he says. Leave the hut and look around for the red tree. Head back up the path to the checkpoint sidepost and take a left instead of going down to the cave. Go to the red tree. The enemies hear are the same but at night the enemies might be a tad stronger. Pick the bag up and return to the hut on the hill. The man will thank you and give you 8 plain cheeses. In battle(he'll tell you) you can feed this to munchie, the mouse that lives in the heroes pocket. He will spew a flame entrapment. It is a weaker sizzle spell.

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  • The muscular, elderly gent living in a hut atop the Waterfall Cave is a Dragovian. While he lacks the frill-ended ears of Dragovians, he dresses similarly, when first met he hints to know what (and who) Munchie is, and tells of how popular cheese is back where he hails from and how he always gets too much pushed on him when he goes to visit, this cheese affinity being something the player becomes quickly familiar with during the events involving the Dragovians. He can offer these same cheeses to the hero, which can then be used in battle by the hero to enable Munchie to unleash breath moves. If the hero returns to his hut after Munchie identity is revealed an extra cutscene will play where he outright confirms he knew Chen Mui's identity, and in a dialogue post said scene he adresses himself as a Dragovian.
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  • The Hermit of the waterfall is among the group of people summoned by Yangus's ultimate Humanity skill Golden Oldies.
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