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The Faux dowager is a monster in Dragon Quest V.


At an unknown point between the first and second generations, a monster imprisons the queen dowager of Coburg and takes her post alongside King Wilbur, who himself took the throne when Nimzo's minions captured Harry.

While impersonating the queen dowager, the monster orders the soldiers to burn Whealbrook to the ground, then allows monsters into the castle, namely small fries, Restless armours and Wax murderers.

After the player has found Ra's mirror, the true identity of the faux dowager can be revealed.


DQVDS logo V - Unknown


HP 690
MP 0
Attack 70
Defense 90
Agility 35
Experience 820
Gold 454

Skills and spells

Skills and Spells
Skills Flame Breath, calls for backup (Bag o' laughs or Lesionnaire)
Spells None


Dropped items
DQVDS logo V None


DQVDS logo V Castle Coburg


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Other languages

Other languages
French Sozy Douairière
German Falsche Königin
Spanish Falsa Reina Madre
Italian Unknown
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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