Ferocious Roar is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest VI

Making its debut, Mortamor uses it in his final form as well as Nokturnus. It can hit for 120-150 damage. It can also be used against monsters if players master the Liquid Metal Slime (class).

Dragon Quest VII

Its second appearance, Orgodemir uses it in his third form, while the player can still use it, but must master the Platinum king jewel first.

Dragon Quest VIII

While the skill acts the same, it is only used by the Emerald dragon, however, defending will not reduce damage.

Dragon Quest IX

Mortamor still uses it, however the more he levels up, the more powerful the skill becomes, reaching 350 damage if the Archfiend is at Level 99. It is now hard to evade, requiring certain skills to survive it.

Dragon Quest X

Acting the same as in previous appearances, Nokturnus uses it for the first time since his debut, as well as other bosses, like Demon Zongaron, Zui Zaku, Galdodon, and Demon Dragon Jaomanda. However, it can also inflict status aliments like confusion and curse.

Dragon Quest XI

Now usable by various monsters, its power is dependent on the monster itself. (Ie, Cheater cheetahs, Rantingen ravens, Wight bulbs, Royal reptiles, Gaia dragons, Labradrakes, etc) Bosses such as the Lord of Shadows, Tatsunaga, and certain others use it as well.

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