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The fishnet stockings is a recurring accessory in the Dragon Quest series, usually exclusive to female characters.


Dragon Quest IV[]

The Fishnet Stockings is an accessory that increases defence by 8, but can only worn by female characters.

Dragon Quest VI[]

The fishnet stockings have a defense bonus of +5 and a style bonus of +40. Only Milly and Ashlynn can equip them. They can be sold for 2,400 gold and bought for 3,200 gold in a well in the Real World and in Greedmore Valley.

Dragon Quest VII[]

The fishnet stockings have a defense bonus of +5 and a style bonus of +10. They can only be equipped by Maribel and Aishe. Fishnet stockings can be purchased from the Casino for 400 tokens or won as a prize from the Lucky Panel. If the fishnet stockings are worn along with the bunny suit, bunny ears, and silver platter when being ranked for the Excellence Grading Organization for Style, they provide a +50 bonus to Style.

Dragon Quest VIII[]

Changes Jessica's appearance if the Bunny suit and Bunny ears are also equipped. Can be mixed with the Happy hat through alchemy to make the Elevating shoes. Can be dropped by ice queens or given to the character by Princess Minnie in exchange for 28 mini medals.

Dragon Quest IX[]

In this game, the fishnet stockings are a piece of legwear rather than an accessory. Sold in Dourbridge and Slurry Quay. Only able to be equipped by female characters.

Dragon Quest XI[]

It appears as an accessory and can be forged if the party has read the Down the Rabbit Hole recipe.

+8 (+8, +9, +10)
+15 (+16, +17, +19)
Sell Price
400 G
Equipped by


There are multiple ways to obtain this item:

Alchemy Formula[]

Faerie fluff x Celestial skein

Dragon Quest Heroes[]

Purchase Value
Not for Sale
Sale Value
Basic Effects
Boggy Terrain Has No Effect
Titillating tights that show off a lady's legs

Lke the vast majority of the available accessories, Fishnet stockings can be created through Alchemy; through a lucky Sweet Success creation, they can be made from the start already at a rank of +1, then with successive melding with other copies of themselves, an individual pair of Fishnet stockings can be ugraded to up to a +3 rank, adding a total of 3 other additional effects to their base one; these effects are chosen at random from a pool of possible bonuses available for this particular accessory. Contrarily to their description, Fishnet stockings can be equipped by any member of the party, regardless of gender.

In order to create them, at least one of their recipe variants is necessary to having been found.

The Quick recipe, like all Quick recipes except for the Gold ring, can be bought by exchanging Mini medals, 2 in this case; alternatively, like its counterparts, the Classic recipe and the even better Luxury recipe, it can be found very rarely as a secret drop from Imps. Alternatively, all of these recipe variants could potentially be found inside a treasure chest, but even more rarely than from the enemy drops.

As such, since it is not ideal to find as a drop a Quick recipe that could had been purchased instead, it is preferable to spend some Mini medals and learn the Quick recipe as soon as possible, thusly increasing the chances for the monsters to drop the better, rarer quality recipes rather then the ones that are already more easily accessible.

Dragon Quest Champions[]

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Other languages[]

Other languages
French Bas résille
German Netzstrümpfe
Spanish Medias
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Set di calze a rete (VI)
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