Fisticuffs are skills that can be used when the character is weaponless.


Dragon Quest IX

Skill Points Needed Ability Description MP required
3 Stone's Throw Hits a group of enemies for small damage 0MP
7 Attack +10 Strength bonus of 10 when wearing no weapon -
12 Wind Sickles Group attack that does extra damage to elemental enemies 0MP
18 Critical Hit Rate Up More likely to inflict a critical hit when wearing no weapon -
25 Knuckle Sandwich Heavy damage to one enemy 2MP
30 Evasion +4% +4% evasion bonus when wearing no weapon -
42 Multifists Deals four blows randomly among enemies 0MP
60 Attack +30 Strength bonus of 30 when wearing no weapon -
77 Boulder Toss Earth damage to all enemies 8MP
100 Attack +60 Strength bonus of 60 when wearing no weapon -
Special Miracle Moon Damages all enemies and replenishes your HP 16MP

NOTE: Each strength bonus counts individually - if you have 100 points, you have a total bonus of +100.

NOTE2: The 'Special' is the ability enabled by carrying the book 'Fearsome Fisticuffing'. This is acquired upon completion of the second Fisticuffs quest, which can be accepted in Swinedimples once you have 100 Fisticuffs skill.

Fisticuffs can be learnt by the thief, martial artist, gladiator and ranger classes. This set replaces shields, as none of these vocations can equip shields. The abilities, once learned, can be used by that character regardless of vocation, as long as they have no weapon equipped.

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