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The flowing dress (formerly water flying clothes & water robe) is a powerful robe commonly used by spellcasters in the Dragon Quest series. It offers amazing protection against fire and ice attacks. Despite its name, it can be equipped by both male and female characters in most cases.


Dragon Quest II[]

The flowing dress has a defense bonus of +35 in the original, and +65 in all other versions. It protects against fire attacks by 50% and damage caused by swamps and magma tiles. It can be worn by all three characters. The robe is obtained by giving the Subtle Shuttle and Celestial Skein to Don Calico in Slewse. The wizened weaver will not finish his work until the player saves their game and begins again (Mobile/Switch versions: sleep at an Inn).

In the original version, multiple copies of the dress can be obtained by gathering the skein and shuttle again. This will only work once, however. Additionally, because Don Calico wove it specifically for her, the dress cannot be received if the Princess of Moonbrooke's inventory is full.

Dragon Quest III[]

The flowing dress has a defense bonus of +50 (+40 in the original) and can be worn by Mages, as well as Sages in all remake versions of the game. It reduces spell and breath damage by 1/3rd in all versions, and can be purchased in Kol for 12,500 gold and sold for 9,375.

Dragon Quest IV[]

The flowing dress has a defense bonus of +43 and reduces frizzsizzbang, and fire and ice breath damage by 1/3rd. It can be worn by BoryaMaya, and MeenaOrifiela has this among her equipment. It can be purchased for 15,000 gold and sold for 11,250. If appraised by Torneko, he mentions that it goes all the way back to the time of the faeries. He also states that it is spun on a holy loom with threads of rain and dew, referencing its method of acquisition in Dragon Quest II.

Dragon Quest V[]

The flowing dress has a defense bonus of +55, and protects against frizz, sizz, and fire breath by 25. It can be bought in Faerie Lea for 14,800 gold and sold for 11,100 gold. BiancaNeraDebora, and the Hero's daughter can equip it, along with many of the monster allies.

Dragon Quest VI[]

The flowing dress can be bought for 14,800 gold in Turnscote, Lower Weaver's PeakDespairia, and in the well east of Port Haven. It has a defense bonus of +65 and style bonus of +42, and will reduce frizz, sizz, bang, and fire breath damage by 30. It can be equipped by MillyAshlynn, and Nevan.

Dragon Quest VII[]

The flowing dress can be purchased from Buccanham for 16,000 gold and sold for 8,000 gold. It has a defense bonus of +65 and an style bonus of +42. MaribelRuff, and Sir Mervyn can equip it. It features the same elemental protection as in VI. Flowing dresses can also be won as prizes from the Lucky Panel at the Casinos in Buccanham and the Haven.

Dragon Quest VIII[]

The flowing dress has a defense bonus of +59 and reduces frizz, sizz, bang, and both types of breath damage by 1/3rd. It can only be worn by Jessica and Red. It can be bought for 14,800 gold at Tryan Gully and sold for 7,400 gold. It can also be upgraded into the angel's robe and the Oriental warrior wear through alchemy.

Dragon Quest IX[]

Magical Might
Magical Mending
Equipped by
Priest IconMage IconMinstrel IconDQ9SageIconDQ9ArmamentalistIconDQ9PaladinIconDQ9RangerDQ9LuminaryIcon
Bought at
UpoverWormwood Creek
Dropped/Stolen from
Cumulus hexes
Buy Price
18,000 G
Sell Price
9,000 G
Flavor Text
A consecrated costume that curbs fire- and ice-based damage.
Reduces damage taken from fire and ice attacks by 25%.

Alchemy Formula[]

Enchanted robes + Celestial skein X3

Dragon Quest X[]

Comes with a top portion and a bottom portion.

Dragon Quest XI[]

Flowing Dress
Defence +59 (+61, +63, +65)
Rarity A
Equipped by Veronica, Serena, Jade, Rab
Bought at Gondolia, Nautica, Sniflheim, and Arboria
Second and Third acts only
Buy Price 14,800 G
Sell Price 7,400 G
Flavor Text This hallowed frock fortifies the wearer with water, warding against fire and ice.
Notes Fire Resistance +25%
Ice Resistance +25%

Dragon Quest Builders[]

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Dragon Quest Builders 2[]

How to Acquire
In the northern part of the volcanic section of the Khrumbul-Dun mine. Accessible by using the Bottomless Pot to cool down the lava or using a dirt path.
5 Cotton, 3 Cord

Dragon Quest Tact[]

The flowing dress appears as a S-rank piece of armor as part of the limited Dragon Quest II event that can be received as a reward for defeating Atlas in a Mega Boss Battle or purchasable from the Swap Shop for 500 DQII medals each. The robe has a DEF bonus of +10, a WIS bonus of +7, and increases resistance against Hobble by 10%. It can only be equipped by Magic, Support, and Debuff units and has three slots for Alchemy Effects.


Other languages[]

Other languages
French Robe flottante
Manteau aquatique
German Fließendes Kleid
Spanish Vestido vaporoso
Italian Veste d'acqua
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown