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Flurry feathers are recurring items in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest IX[]

They can be found lying on the ground in two spots (see Map of material locations in Dragon Quest IX). Flurry feathers can also be found in broken pots on rare occasions, as well as through monster drops. They are dropped by Chimaeras and Weaken beakons.

Dragon Quest X[]

Flurry feathers are used as an ingredient in equipment and furniture crafting. It can be dropped by various monsters of the Bird family, including Grudgerigars, Beakons, Pteranodons and Hawk men.

Dragon Quest XI[]

Buy Price
50 Gold
Purchase locations
The Emerald Coast, The Hotto Steppe
Pickup locations
Cobblestone, Heliodorian Foothills, The Manglegrove, The Emerald Coast, Hotto, Laguna di Gondolia, Dundrasil Region, The Eerie Eyrie
Dropped by
Garuda, War gryphon, Chimaera, Stark raven
Used in the following recipes
Feathered cap, Agility ring, Crow's claws, Angel's sandals, Archangel's boots

Dragon Quest Builders 2[]

The Flurry Feathers are located in Moonbrooke and used to make woosh widgets on the wizard's workbench. The enemy air force is looking for them. Two of them are held in a basement along with Ra's mirror. Two more are in a poisonous lake that can be cleared with the Bottomless pot. Two more are held by a monster that requires answering some questions.

Dragon Quest Heroes[]

Flurry feathers can be dropped by Gargoyles, Hawk men, and Cosmic chimaeras and can be sold for 70 gold. They can be used in the quick recipe for the Agility ring and the classic recipe for the Ring of truth in the Alchemy Pot. Two feathers are required to complete Quest #044: Feathers Will Fly.

Dragon Quest Heroes II[]

Flurry feathers are used as an ingredient to improve various accessories. They can be dropped by Gargoyles, Hawk men, and Chimaeras.

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Plume de vent
German Flatterfeder
Spanish Pluma peluda
Italian Piuma eolica
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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