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The Flying Clawtress is the 7th, and final dungeon in Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. It is the main base of the Plob, and is where the final event's of the game's story unfold. This is the only level in the game to feature the one and only: Rocket Cart!

Rocket Cart

Rocket Cart!


Rocket first comes to this location after Hooly tells him and His Royal Wobbliness of it's anchor being dropped near Boingburg. Rocket immediately heads there and confronts the Plob's leader, Don Clawleone and fights him. After defeating him Princess Gluttonella blows Flucifer's Flute summoning Flucifer who manifests in Don Clawleone's body. Slival then shows up and he and Rocket merge their tanks to create the Gott Schliemen tank in order to beat Flucifer's Tank.