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The flying carpet is an item and mode of transportation in several Dragon Quest games, beginning with Dragon Quest V. Using it, the hero's party can travel over flat land and sea, but not over hills, mountains and forests.


Dragon Quest V[]

The flying carpet can be obtained during the third generation from a chest in Lofty Peak. Eventually the party is able to use a more powerful flying contraption in the form of the floating castle of Zenithia, which with its partially restored power, it can move freely around the lower sky and it is able to cross mountain ranges.

Dragon Quest VI[]

In Dragon Quest VI, two variations of the carpet can be acquired by the party during the course of the story. While they have virtually the same functions and capabilities, the first of the two, the Flying bed, obtained in Clearvale after tracking down its location, can only work when used in the Dream World.

The proper Flying carpet, is obtained later on by participating in the Best-Dressed Contest and winning the first three rounds. The prize is a plush rug, which is in truth a depowered flying carpet ailing from the Dream World. By taking it back to the magical city of Sorceria, the tool can be re-enchanted, in order to be used to fly across the Real World.

The party are also eventually able to secure the loyalty of the legendary flying horse Pegasus, steered with the Celestial reins and possessing better flying abilities compared to both the Flying bed and the Flying carpet; once being restored to her full power, She can even take them to Mortamor's Dread Realm.

Dragon Quest VII[]

The flying carpet is first mentioned in the village of La Bravoure. A relic belonging to their ancestors, members of Holy Order of the Almighty, one of the people of La Bravoure, a man named Honoré, dreams of one day giving the carpet to someone who will find the Legendary hero. When the party speaks with him, he gives away the carpet immediately, but it sadly won't fly. They return to Honoré with the carpet, who tells the party that he didn't mean to deceive them, but the carpet hasn't worked for anyone who used it and he runs away from his house in frustration. In truth Colette, Honoré's maid, had since long before hid the true flying carpet and substituted it with a fake, as Honoré's father, knowing of his son poor judge of character, made her swore before his passing to not let the carpet fall in the hands of a liar. Recounting to the party about her promise and what she did to the real flying carpet, she tells them that she would give the party the real carpet only if they prove themselves by showing her the Mermaid moon. After saving the town of Wetlock from Gracos, the party receives the Mermaid moon to show to Colette. Finally convinced of their worthiness she takes them to a secret storeroom hidden behind the town church, where the real Flying Carpet is stashed away.

Sadly, the Flying Carpet's low altitude forced the party to eventually procure a better flying contraption in the form of the Skystone, due to not being able to traverse mountains or forests.

Dragon Quest X[]

Known as the Magic Carpet Prism, it is obtained for 50,000 casino tokens, changing the Hero's Dollar Board into the Flying carpet. Unlike other dollar boards available, it does not make any running noise when boarding.

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