Foo Yung is a demon who lives on a mountain top with Chow Mein, his partner in battle. Foo Yung can only be reached from a portal found deep underground near The Azimuth. He loves eggs, and is always found arguing with Chow Mein, trying to convince him that eggs are better than chickens.


Foo Yung uses Cold Breath and Blistering Flames to inflict heavy damage on an unprepared team. He also uses Fuddle Dance to confuse his enemies, and Disruptive Wave to remove any defences they have. He can also attack physically with his swords, but he is not very strong. Instead, he relies on his partner, Chow Mein to inflict physical damage. He can also cast Kabuff to increase his or Chow Mein's defense, and casts Kazing when necessary.


Both Chow Mein and Foo Yung can be defeated several times. They provide rewards if beaten fast enought, the main reason to do this is to obtain the Pandemonic Equipment. They also reward the player with Boxer Shorts, a Yggdrasil leaf and Old Man Psaro, who moves to the inmigrant town. After all rewards are recived, they can still be fought. Mostly if the player wishes to grind exp.


  • Foo Yung's name comes from the chinese dish egg foo yong, an omelette dish.
  • Chow Mein and Foo Yung's argument about chicken or eggs being better is similar to the argument about which came first: the chicken or the egg.

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Other languages
French Cent-ans
German Fu Yung
Spanish Foo Yung
Italian Hovo
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