Fortuna (Oracleberry in fan translations) is a town in Dragon Quest V. It is the first major town visited during the second era of the game. It features a casino, as well as one of several monster dens run by Monty. It also is where the wagon is purchased, allowing monster companions to be recruited.

Shops and Services

Curiosity Shop

In the northwest corner of Fortuna is the Curiosity Shop. Only open at night, a man there will offer special deals for the hero at a discount. When first arriving at Fortuna, he will offer a wagon for a marked down price of 300 gold. This is required in order to tame monsters, and allows a rotation of extra party members.

After resolving the situation in Coburg, if you return to Fortuna, the man will have a new offer: 'The Big Book of Beasts' for 1000 gold. This allows you to review all monsters encountered throughout the world.

The third offer from the Curiosity Shop is the Slime curio, for 5000 gold. This knick-knack can also be worn as armor by any slime companions, which restores HP each round. This offer is only available when he's not selling the wagon or book.

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